How to Choose Your Commercial Flushometer Toilets

Flushometers, urinals, and other water closet fixtures today have greatly improved in terms of performance, design, and function. Whether you’re thinking of replacing your toilet to take advantage of what these newer models can offer or you need to replace broken ones, knowing how to choose the right toilet will go a long way in creating a better restroom experience for your customers.

Just like TOTO commercial flushometers, commercial flush valve toilets are built for high-traffic restrooms, with efficiency and aesthetics in mind. There are other brands out there, but whatever brand you go with, consider the following when shopping flushometers for your business restroom:

For those who aren’t familiar with flushometers, let’s talk a little bit about what it is to have a better understanding of our topic.

Flushometers are toilets that use flush valve technology and are usually found in commercial restrooms. Their difference from a traditional tank toilet is that they don’t use gravity to flush but use water pressure. Flushometers sit on top of toilet bowls but they are tankless and can be either concealed or exposed.

You can further choose whether you want a manual or automatic flushometer. There are also two kinds of flushometers according to the mechanical parts: piston and diaphragm.

Both types can be easily integrated into any kind of plumbing setup, so installing them is easy and straightforward. Commercial flush valves can be installed quickly and without any problem.

You want to choose a toilet that’s easy to install that even if you aren’t doing a complete overhaul, you can easily replace what you want to replace and keep what you want to keep.

A modern commercial toilet offers innovations and performance that you can’t find in old toilets. For instance, they offer superior performance and feature low water consumption, and siphon functionality, among many others.

Flushometers are designed to work in high-traffic areas because they have zero water refill time. Your customers don’t have to wait for the water to refill before they can flush the toilet. Continuous use is possible.

These are all standard features of flushometers, but when you’re shopping for one, choose features that your customers will benefit from. Some examples are external water volume adjustment to ensure maximum water conservation, retrofit options if you want to upgrade to sensor-type in the future, and more.

Seat Height
The usual toilet seat height is approximately 15 inches from the bottom to the top of the seat. Comfort height toilets, also known as ADA Compliant Height toilets, have grown in popularity in recent years, owing to the greater seat height, which makes them easier to use for the elderly.

They are 17 to 19 inches from the ground, which is more in line with regular chair height. While seat height is a personal choice, having a comfortable height toilet in your restroom would be appreciated by your customers.

Bowl Shape
Toilet bowls come in two basic shapes: round and elongated. They offer the same performance for every commercial restroom, but round bowls are typically less expensive and take up less room than their elongated counterparts.

Because round bowls are two inches shorter than elongated bowls, most people prefer elongated shaped bowls. Elongated bowls provide additional support and comfort, and because they’re very common, replacement parts are also easy to find.

If you need more information, check out Quality Plumbing Supply and browse through their flushometer parts and supplies. They have TOTO commercial flushometers which are designed with convenience in mind. Many of their models have features like an automated flush system, a built-in bidet, a heated seat, an air purifying system, and an air drier. If these are something your customers may appreciate, consider buying a TOTO.

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