How To Choose Wireless Gaming Headphones?

It is impossible to play games without headphones – you can’t hear if there is an enemy nearby, from which side he approaches you, from where he shoots. For gaming, I prefer wireless ones: they are much more convenient, and if you buy a good headset, the sound will be at the highest level. Here are the main characteristics that are important for a Bluetooth gaming headset and a list of the best wireless models that we have used.

How to choose gaming headphones?

Headphones for the game must have excellent sound quality. But there are many other important points to consider when choosing a device. A careful approach to this will ensure a comfortable long game.

Key Features

For a good game, you need high-quality headphones.

An important point when choosing should be the ability of the device to detail sounds. If both a grenade explosion and a shot occur at the same time, they should not muffle each other – both sounds should be heard clearly.

A microphone is required for online games – it will help the team communicate. Therefore, the microphone must be made of high quality so that people can hear you without interference.

Requirements for the convenience and comfort of accessories in cases with games increase several times. Often the game drags on for a long time, even up to several hours. It will be impossible to play with uncomfortable headphones.

Due to the large weight of the device, the neck may hurt, because of the material – the ears, and head. Therefore, it is important to choose the right headphones.

For games usually choose:

  • Full size.

The former is inserted directly into the ear canal and differs from earbuds in great convenience – they do not fall out, have noise isolation, and do not interfere with the game. This type of device has a long cord, which makes it suitable for connecting to a computer.

The second type is located on the surface of the ear and has large ear cushions, so it is convenient to play with them. The tightness to the ear is less than full-size, so during the game, you will have to turn up the volume.

Full-size covers the ear completely, so the sound is perceived at 100%. They may be open or closed. At first, there is no noise isolation, but this does not affect the sound quality. Secondly, the level of sound insulation is at the highest level.

What characteristics are important?

Gaming accessories should combine several important characteristics:

  • Sensitivity affects the sound volume
  • This value should be between 90 and 120 dB.
  • Resistance also affects playback volume
  • For computer games, the resistance level should be in the range of 32-40 ohms. Devices with higher values ​​can be bought if there is an external amplifier.
  • Frequency range
  • The ear perceives waves with frequencies of about 1kHz – 20 kHz. The wider the range, the better the sound will be reproduced.
  • Frequency response – a frequency graph
  • From which you can understand whether the sound is reproduced well at low, medium, or high frequencies.
  • The coefficient of non-linear distortion
  • Should be no more than 2%, better – lower.
  • Surround sound technology
  • Gives the effect of 3d sound – it is better to take devices with 5.1 or 7.1 performance.
  • Noise cancellation
  • Helps to abstract you from external sounds, so this feature is supported.

The ergonomic function of the device is important when used on-ear or full-size. This is especially affected by the way the accessory is attached to the head. It can be of three types:

Headband headphones wrap around the top of your head completely. This element should not put pressure on the head or temples – the player may feel a headache, or nausea.

the occipital arch is a small element that connects the two sides of the headphones and is located on the back of the head. It puts less pressure on the person and is comfortable.

hooks – headphones with elements that are attached directly to the auricles. If you choose this type, then you need to pay attention to the weight of the product – it should be small.

Gaming microphones are circular and directional. The second ones are more convenient, since your voice will stand on the main background, and secondary sounds are hardly audible. But modern models are made with a noise reduction system, so even circular microphones with this function will not affect the quality of the game.

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