How To Buy The Best Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring?

There are two types of diamond engagement rings, one with natural diamonds and the other made with lab grown diamonds. Both offer the same symbol of everlasting love and commitment to your spouse, but what sets them apart? Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings are eco-friendly, ethically sourced and conflict free, making them the perfect choice for conscious consumers looking to make an ethical purchase. Here are some steps you take to ensure you get the best Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring possible.

Step 1 – Check For Imitations/Counterfeits

Before buying your Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring, you should confirm that it is not a counterfeit/imitation diamond by verifying it in our list of approved companies. The Internet  used to check whether or not a website is authorized to sell lab grown diamonds. Consumers also make an appointment with their local jeweler who is familiar with how to recognize lab grown diamonds from natural diamonds. You should consider going over each purchased product before signing any papers.

Step 2 – Consider The 4cs (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat)

There are 4Cs to consider when purchasing a lab grown diamond engagement rings. When you review these 4Cs for lab grown diamonds you’ll quickly see that not only are these stones as good looking (or even better) than their mined counterparts but also cost much less because there is no expensive mining or cutting involved with them. But what about durability? You may ask – how does all of that compare in terms of durability with mined diamonds? That is a very good question because it is one that many people don’t consider right away when looking at quality and price.

Lab grown diamonds do hold up quite well against natural diamonds which makes them an ideal choice for anyone who wants a durable stone that won’t be destroyed by everyday wear and tear. Most lab grown diamond rings last just as long if not longer than other rings on the market today. Lab created diamonds  last anywhere from 3-5 times longer than natural ones! It’s true! They  known to last over 100 years without losing any of their lustre or brilliance! They are a great option for anyone looking to save money while still getting high quality products. As far as durability goes they’re simply unmatched by anything else on today’s market!

Step 3 – Check For Misleading Marketing Practices

Before you head to your favorite retailer or search Best Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings on Google, be sure to check for misleading marketing practices like these Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds: Lab-grown diamonds cost about 30% less than their mined counterparts. However, because lab-grown diamonds are a relatively new product in a flooded market, there is no industry standard for pricing. That means that some retailers may sell lab-grown diamonds at a higher price than mined diamonds of similar quality. If you want to buy lab grown diamond engagement rings, make sure that you do so from a trustworthy retailer who has transparent pricing and stand behind their products with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Most importantly, remember that price alone is not an indicator of quality! You  find high quality lab grown diamond engagement rings at any price point!

Step 4 – Read Reviews About Seller On Review Sites Like Google & Yelp

Find trustworthy sellers by reading reviews of their products and services. If you’re looking to buy lab-grown diamonds, a great place to start is on Google and Yelp. Check out customers’ experiences and what they had to say about their ring quality. You  also read an online news report on lab grown diamond rings which give you more information to learn more about it such as why lab-grown diamond rings are trending now or how lab-grown diamonds compare with mined diamonds.

Step 5 – Understand That Size Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, bigger isn’t always better. When you’re shopping for a lab-grown diamond, less is more. You’ll want to keep in mind that while these diamonds are rare and stunning, they aren’t as plentiful or as affordable as natural diamonds. There is a common misconception that artificial diamonds are superior because they  perfect flaws-free clarity and colorless brilliance; however, natural diamonds typically  minor flaws which in turn gives them a character that  replicated in a lab setting. Keep your options open and be sure to understand what you’re getting before you go to purchase your lab grown diamond ring!

Step 6 – Avoid Subpar Rings With Shoddy Craftsmanship

When it comes to Lab-Grown Diamonds and lab grown diamond rings, quality should always come first. Even if you don’t lot of money to spend on your engagement ring, you must know what you’re getting into. Poor craftsmanship ruin even a stunning ring—therefore make sure that your lab-grown diamond ring is going to be crafted with skilful hands by reputable artisans!

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