How to Audit a Website by Different SEO Tools?

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Ignore emails collected in the last few hours every Monday, Friday, and weekend. Open the test-only browser, turn on the headphones, and immerse yourself immediately. Luckily, I like to control it.
Over the years, I have assembled weapons with very reliable tools and I think it has been the right tool. Now that we all have our favorites and can choose from them, here’s a look at at least the control tools that all marketing companies need to know. Note that there is no specific order or method in the list.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Let’s start with the obvious. The first thing you need to do is go to the analysis and search console to analyze traffic, traffic sources, landing pages, user behavior, latency, page visibility, keywords, rankings, and more. This is interesting. Let’s look at the basics before moving on to another tool.

Some SEO tend to skip this first step, which I often see, but the best place to start an audit is to always look at and do what you already have. The best place to do this is to use the most reliable source. All the other tools I’ve mentioned are great, but they’re never as expensive and reliable as the Google Duo.

Another good thing to do now is to list the improvements and information you get from raw data. The tools can help you get more, but your experience and imagination make this data a practical step. Knowing the location of your data is one thing, and knowing what to do is another.

It’s here
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to learn how to improve your website, Voorank is the perfect tool. Examining more than 70 statistics (including SEO and social media) will definitely help you get started.

The disadvantage of Voorank is that the data provided is a bit broad and not always accurate enough. Each part of the focus can be analyzed using special tools, but there is no better way to easily review it. However, if you are looking for something more specific, you will need to use a number of other tools.

The screams frog

ScreamingFrog is more of an indexing tool than a tracking tool, and SEO is a dream come true. The user interface isn’t very good, but once you understand how to use recorders and interpret the data you receive, the data you can use to retrieve information is endless.

This tool can index each web page to provide the data that needs to be collected manually. Think about redirects, broken links, metadata, word count, titles, and more. It also helps you to find thin pages and low content, which is a great advantage for an overall analysis of the page. (Quickly scream at the valve, I started earlier this year and can make science fiction obsolete)

SEM Rush

Another comprehensive tool, SEM Rush, has controls for providing (albeit very simple) job data, such as goal and title suggestions, link building, and content ideas.

Checking the content is also useful, it will help you navigate the page quickly and provide you with invaluable information about the solutions available.

Ahrefs vs. Majestic vs. Moz

There is an endless debate in the On Page SEO world about the winner in this fight. Each of us is a favorite, but all of these tools are great for a particular part of the test you do. However, it is possible without a girlfriend. The rotation and scanning features are not compatible with Ahref, but it is just a review of Link Explorer’s features, so it’s a good idea to keep track of developments.

Majestic has confidence flow statistics that are very different from the other two domain / skill classes. It’s also great for browsing group pages, checking links, and often finding things that Ahrefs doesn’t do.

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