How Do You Clean An Expensive Leather Couch?

You’ve just purchased your dream leather couch from your local furniture store, and it looks amazing in your living room! But, you wonder how you should clean it? Should you use soap or wipe it down with water? How often should you clean it? And what happens if the leather starts to get worn out over time? Here are some answers to common questions people have about cleaning their expensive leather couches.

Cleaning Old Leather with Mild Soap

If your leather is extremely old and perhaps looking a little tattered, start by cleaning it with mild soap. Avoid using dishwashing detergent or any chemicals that may end up damaging your leather. Mix a cup of cold water and a teaspoon of mild soap in a bowl; use a soft-bristled brush to apply it to your sofa, then wait for about five minutes.

After letting it sit for five minutes, sponge off any soapy residue and wipe dry with another soft cloth. Couch Mould Removal is another alternative to consider if there are just certain parts of your sofa that are looking dirty or stained instead of needing an overall cleaning.

Cleaning New Leather with Only Water

Pour two cup of distilled water into a large bowl. Dip a sponge into warm water and wring it out completely. Dampen one corner of your sponge in water and squeeze out any excess liquid. Wipe down your sofa thoroughly with just the dampened portion of your sponge, creating as little additional mess as possible.

Do not use soap or detergent while cleaning new leather; both will remove oils from new products, causing them to crack and wear in high-traffic areas prematurely.

Deep-Cleaning Older Leather That’s Super Dirty

First, remove all detachable parts from your sofa or chair (such as cushions and throw pillows). Mix a cleaning solution of 1⁄2 cup Murphy’s Oil Soap, 1/2 gallon warm water, and 2 drops of essential oil. For example, add a few drops of peppermint oil if your leather smells like peppermint.

With two cloths—soaked in soap mixture and one dry—start wiping down both sides of each piece of furniture until they’re clean and shiney. Let dry overnight; buff with a dry towel to restore some shine. Use a small amount of cream or mineral-oil conditioner to treat areas that look worn or feel too dry after deep cleaning.

General Maintenance and Stains on Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture Stains and Spot Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts: Couch Mould Removal: Learn how to treat your furniture. It’s easy to remove mould from the leather couch or other stains when you learn about common culprits and how to remove them properly. You can also maintain your furniture.To follow these recommendations, apply the general household cleaner as a thin layer on a cloth.


If your first response is to call a professional, then I’m sure that makes perfect sense to you. If, however, your first thought was something along these lines: Well, now that I think about it—it really can be as simple as vacuuming and using a damp cloth with a small amount of household detergent. Now that I knows how easy it is to clean my couch, well, heck!

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