How Can Urology Medical Billing Software Improve Your Patient Engagement?

Urology Medical Billing Software can provide your patients with the tools they need to take control of their health. Patient outcomes can improve when you provide constant communication to your patients and plan regular care-maintenance sessions (in person or through telemedicine). By assisting your urology patients in staying compliant with frequently scheduled care and testing, you may positively impact their health. Using high-quality Urology medical Billing Software that provides your patients with ease, accessibility, and transparency regarding their urology care is essential for keeping them involved. You will observe a significant increase in patient engagement at your specialty practice by using these Urology billing Software features.

What is Urology Medical Billing?

The Urology Medical Billing system allows clinicians to bill insurance companies for services rendered to patients. Medical billing and coding specialists are responsible for providing predefined codes for various procedures. In order to accomplish this formality, the process of Urology Billing-specific treatments must be restructured.

The revenue generated by Urology services depends on on-time billing, prompt follow-up, and account reimbursement. Choosing a quality medical billing services organization is vital for medical service providers. So, understanding the business side of Urology billing services is crucial.

Urology Medical Billing Software is essential for your patients’ experience, practice workflow, and overall well-being—Urologists have a burnout rate of 49%.

Urology Medical Billing Software Tools and Benefits

  • Tools Enhancing Patient Engagement

Patients nowadays demand rapid, secure, and comfortable mobile communication regardless of status or work. A powerful and competent EHR system can help you deliver improved patient engagement as a urologist. Your vendor should be able to assist your team in keeping patients and employees engaged from anywhere.

EHR, billing, scheduling, telehealth, and other systems that digitize the patient experience can enhance patient communication. Although, it also revolutionizes clinical care and the patient-provider relationship. That ultimately fastens your practice confidence among patients but also generates sustainable Revenue Cycle Management.

Urology Medical Billing
Urology Medical Billing

By combining analytics and automation with artificial intelligence, your practice may increase patient engagement and automate labor-intensive administrative tasks. Additionally, it enables access to patient insights and improves overall practice performance.

Commonly employed Healthtech Tools for your practice

Here are some Healthtech tools that improve patient engagement; check with potential vendors to see whether these are included in their offerings.

  • Self-Scheduler at the Front Office

Provide an automatic means for patients to seek appointments and medication refills. In addition, Self-Scheduler provides photographs, videos, and interactive comments by digitizing all inbound patient inquiries to your practice.

  • Digital Intake

An automated intake tool allows patients to fill out their intake forms digitally from anywhere. You can automate the check-in process and decrease patient wait times before their planned appointment.

  • Management of Virtual Queues

Create a virtual environment that allows your practice to control patient flow, improve the appointment process, and keep patients safe. It will help abide by social distancing standards to eliminate crowded waiting rooms. Employing NEOMD Urology Medical Billing Software will help you pay greater attention to patient care instead of handling their queues.

  • Telehealth

Expand your practice’s reach with virtual telehealth visits, and use geo-based targeting to find pharmacies near your patients’ homes. Telehealth sends text notifications for future virtual appointments and lowers risk exposure for patients and staff.

  • Patient Portal

Introduce a user-friendly patient portal where users can review statements, pay bills online, and speak directly with their provider. Portal ensures quick access to medical information, request appointments, and receive reminders.

  • Care Coordination 

With 24/7 care coordination and monthly telephone checks, provide better patient-centered solutions and improve health outcomes for people managing one or more chronic conditions.

What is the Difference Between Modifier 57 and Modifier 25?

Modifiers 25 and 57 are often complex to distinguish when reporting medical billing claims since the difference is so narrow. In any case, Medicare uses modifier — 25 on all E/M organizations affiliated with the minor method, implying that the assessment and administration should be paid for separately and not bundled with the careful repayment. It may be imperative to highlight that on the day a CPT code-based procedure has to execute. The patient’s situation necessitated a fundamental, quickly recognized E/M organization that went beyond alternative administrations. Or the standard preoperative and postoperative considerations connected with the procedure.

When a doctor decides that a major operation should be performed at the same time or the following day, use modifier — 57 for an E/M organization. This, like modifier 25, requires separate reimbursement for E&M and medical operations. Modifier 25 use as a part of remedial charging for minor procedures. In contrast, modifier 57 has used as a piece of restorative charging for effective methodology. As there is an extremely slight refinement between these two modifiers for therapeutic charging.

Furthermore, modifier 57 might indicate that the medical procedure will be performed the next day, but medicinal charging modifier 25 implies that the medical procedure will be performed at the same time.

How NEO MD facilitates practices with Urology Medical Billing to achieve Impressive Revenue Cycle Management?

NEOMD Urology Billing Management gives you a competitive edge through the Medical Billing reports in electronic format and analyzing denied claims. Furthermore, it prepares follow-ups to ensure claims are efficiently interpreted, providing daily, weekly, and monthly Urology Medical Billing reports. Additionally, NEOMDINC offers its clients ICD and CPT codes analysis reports and coverage for major large health insurance companies and schedules weekly meetings to discuss the performance. It is the best way to maximize clients’ collections, lowering operating costs, and enhance efficiency in medical treatment. Moreover, NEOMD has been accredited across all states of the US for its premium Medical Billing Audit.

If you fall behind your revenue goals, it’s time to get our professional consultation about the Revenue Cycle Management Company. Forget about the failures and get ready to take your Urology practice off the ground.For services, you can contact us at ( or (929) 502-3636).

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