5 fun Summer Hairstyles to Try With Hair Extensions

What is your go-to hairstyle for the summer? Don’t worry if you don’t yet have one; we’re here to assist you with these 5 simple summer hairstyles you can slay with your hair extensions. 

These outfits will quickly make you feel lighter and more at ease during the summer. While out of your face and body, your hair will still appear adorable. A double victory there. Discover your go-to summer hairstyle with human hair extensions  by reading on!

Beachy Waves 

Beachy waves
Beachy waves 

There are countless methods for creating beachy waves, both with and without heat. Try these beach waves and let your hair flow to show off your summer outfits with your hairstyle. Depending on your hair type, machine- or hand-tied weft extensions are the quickest and most convenient way to obtain beachy waves without the hassle of styling. You can get a clip in hair extensions for curly hair to achieve this hairstyle. 

Super Sleek Bun 

Super sleek bun
Super sleek bun 

Wearing a sleek low bun is the best technique to prevent hair from falling over your face. It’s simple to tie your hair up in buns, making the styling process quick and uncomplicated. Smoothen the front section of your hair, then gather it into a low bun above the nape of your neck. The buns can also be made using real hair extensions sew-in.

Braided High Ponytail 

Braided high ponytail
Braided high ponytail 

Getting this braided ponytail might achieve the most elegant and recognizable look. You will have one of the most alluring looks with this hairstyle for summer with hair extensions, making you stand out in the crowd. One of the top hairstyles in the fashion business, this haircut has been popular for a while. 

You must first smooth and shine the front of your hair to get this hairstyle. Then, if you want to give this hairstyle extra volume, you can purchase human hair extensions. Your high-knotted ponytail should have the extensions in it. Put your hair in a braid and then a ponytail till it reaches the end, and then rock any attire you wish to wear.

Low-Wrapped Ponytail 

Another hairstyle that allows you to show off your appearance is this low-wrapped ponytail. This hairstyle provides a sophisticated appearance and the most incredible wrapped texture. This hairstyle will seem even more gorgeous on you if you have dark-colored clip-in hair extensions

For this sophisticated ponytail, you must make the front side of your hair as sleek as possible. Regarding the divider, you can choose either a side or a central one; both will look fantastic. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail and secure your black ponytail extensions. Wrap your ponytail clip in hair extensions with a little part of the strand you have taken. After you’ve wrapped them, use bobby pins to hold the strand in place.

Defined Curly Hairstyles 

Defined curly hairstyles
Defined curly hairstyles 

​​Permit your natural texture to show. Everyone desires well-defined curls, so if you want to look your best and have an appearance that turns heads, wear those clip-in hair extensions for curly hair and always move to make your curls stand out. 


It would help if you chose a summer hairstyle that will keep you looking good till the end of the day while choosing one for the season. Choose the summer hairstyle you love the best from the examples above, and always show off your hairstyles and hair extensions!

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