The 90’s was an era renowned for its distinctive style and fearless self-expression. From the music to the fashion, everything had a unique flair. And when it came to makeup, one thing was for sure: glitter ruled the scene! Whether you’ve experienced the era firsthand or just have an affinity for all things retro, this blog is here to shed light on the glitter-infused beauty trends that took the 90s by storm.

Was glitter eyeshadow popular in the 90s?

Glitter eyeshadow was incredibly popular in the 90s and played a significant role in defining the era’s makeup trends. It was a time when the “more is more” philosophy ruled, and bold, eye-catching looks were embraced with enthusiasm.

Celebrities, pop stars, and fashion icons of the 90s often adorned their eyelids with dazzling and sparkly eyeshadows, adding a touch of glamour and playfulness to their overall appearance. Whether it was for red carpet events, music videos, or simply a night out on the town, glitter eyeshadow was a go-to choice to make a bold statement.

What were the trendy glitter makeup looks of 90s?

Here are some glitters 90s makeup trends.

Glitter Eyeshadow: Glitter eyeshadow was the superstar of 90s makeup trends. From subtle shimmer to full-on sparkle, everyone wanted their eyes to be the center of attention. Metallic silvers, dazzling golds, and electric blues were some of the most coveted shades. The trend wasn’t just limited to the eyelids

Glitter Lips: Glitter lips were another standout trend of the 90s. People experimented with bold and iridescent lipsticks, often layered with matching or contrasting glitter for a truly mesmerizing pout

Glitter Gel and Face Sparkles: Glitter wasn’t restricted to just the eyes and lips – it spread across the face too! Glitter gels and face sparkles were used to add a touch of magic to cheekbones and other facial features.

 Glitter Nail Art: Glitter nail polishes and nail art took manicures to a whole new level. From glitter tips and Ombre effects to chunky holographic glitter, nails were a canvas for artistic expression and individuality.

Colored Mascara with Sparkle: Colored mascara was all the rage in the 90s, and it wasn’t just about the vibrant hues. Many formulations also included tiny specks of glitter, giving lashes an enchanting and fun finish.

Glitter Hair Accessories: Glitter extended beyond makeup and found its way into hair accessories. Sparkling hair clips, headbands, and even glitter hairsprays were used to accentuate hairstyles and add a touch of whimsy to everyday looks.

What makeup did girls wear in the 90s?

  • Girls used to ear dark lip liner to outline the lips and filling them in with a lighter shade of lipstick. This created a noticeable contrast and was often seen with shades like mauve or nude.
  • Frosted and shimmery eyeshadows in pastel and metallic shades were a go-to look in the early to mid-’90s.
  • Thin, highly arched eyebrows were fashionable in the ’90s,
  • It was common to line both the upper and lower lash lines

How do you recreate 90s look?

  • Start with a clean, moisturized face
  • If needed, apply a concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles, but try to keep it light and blend it well.
  • For the 90s-inspired eyebrow look, aim for thinner, high-arched brows. You can pluck or shape your brows accordingly. If your brows are naturally fuller, you can use a brow pencil or powder to create a thinner appearance.
  • Apply a neutral eyeshadow shade, such as a soft brown or beige, all over your eyelids as a base.
  • Choose a shimmery or frosted eyeshadow, Apply it to the center of your eyelids and blend it slightly into the crease.
  • Add a darker shade of eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyes and blend it gently towards the center.
  • Apply multiple coats of mascara to your upper and lower lashes for a voluminous and defined look
  • In the ’90s, some people also added a touch of face glitter or shimmery highlighter to their cheekbones for an extra glow.
  • To achieve the brown lipstick look, apply a deep, matte brown lipstick directly to your lips.
  • For the dark lip liner style, outline your lips with a dark lip liner, slightly overlining them if you wish. Fill in the rest of your lips with a lighter lipstick shade, such as mauve or nude.

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