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Attack on Titan is a manga series that follows the adventures of the teenage boy, Eren Jaeger. The story begins when the Colossal Titan breaches the wall of the town where Eren lives and leaves the town in ashes. His mother is murdered, so Eren decides to join the Survey Corps, which is tasked with the protection of the city from the Colossal Titan. Its popularity as a written Japanese manga series led to widespread acclaim for the anime television series. You can purchase Attack on Titan Funko Pop! at discounted prices from Pop In a Box US.

Eren Jaeger

Attack on Titan is now a full franchise with the release of Funko Pop Eren Jaeger. This figure looks exactly like Eren from the movie, with his scruffy hair and bare teeth. In addition to his superhuman strength, Eren possesses a muscular body and can perform a variety of impressive feats. His sculpted body also helps him recreate the famous battles he’s been a part of.

Attack on Titan Funko Pop

The Attack On Titan Funko Pop series features a diverse collection of characters, including popular cartoon characters and manga series. Eren Jaeger, the hero of the anime series, is one of the best-selling characters. He is devoted to bringing an end to the Titans’ reign of terror. There are many versions of the same character, including black and white and Titan form variations. The figures are affordable and unique, allowing collectors to collect all types of characters from different anime series.


The Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackermann with Swords Pop! Vinyl Figure measures approximately three and a half inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box. This toy is one of several from the popular anime series. The figure is also available in different versions of the same character, including the standard version, Titan form, and black and white version. Funko Pop! figures are very popular with fans of the anime series, and are available for a fraction of the original price.

The Attack on Titan series has long been popular among fans of anime, manga, and toys alike. The show’s international appeal has spawned a variety of Funko Pops that celebrate the characters. One popular character is Mikasa Ackerman, a childhood friend of Eren and Armin. This Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackermann figure is now available for pre-order while supplies last. Once you pre-order a Mikasa Attack on Titan figure, remember that they are not returnable.

Attack on Titan Funko Pop


The Attack on Titan manga series was first published in 2009 and adapted into an anime in 2013. This story is set in a fictional world where the characters live inside three enormous walls that protect them from the gigantic man-eating humanoids known as Titans. One of the characters in this story is Ymir, a former member of the Survey Corps and graduate of the 104th Training Corps.

You can now collect this legendary character in a Pop! vinyl figure. Pop In A Box sells the Attack on Titan Ymir Pop! Vinyl figure at a low price. This toy is made of vinyl and measures about 3-3/4 inches tall. If you’re a fan of the manga series, you’ll be pleased with this great new Funko figure! It’s a great way to give your child a piece of their favorite character!


Fans of the movie Attack on Titan can now get their own funky pop! Levi figure! This 3-inch tall vinyl figure measures a little over three inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box. This fun toy will be the perfect addition to any fan’s collection! Just remember to collect them all! And as a bonus, you’ll receive a free Attack on Titan sticker! So get yours today!

Attack on Titan has been a huge hit since its release in 2004, and thanks to the anime and manga, it has achieved global appeal. Now, Funko has decided to give Attack on Titan fans another chance to collect their favorite characters! And this time, the company has opted to release Levi Ackerman, the strongest soldier in the world! This 3.9-inch tall pop is perfect for Attack on Titan fans and vinyl collectors!

Female Titan

The Attack on Titan series has spawned numerous pop-culture phenomenons, and this new Attack on Titan figure is sure to be one of them. This 6″ tall figure of the female titan stands in a window display box. It comes packaged with the original series’ logo and is made by Funko. As you can see, this figure is quite the stunner, and it’s a must-have for any pop-culture fan!

Attack on Titan Funko Pop

This Female Titan attack on Titan Funko Pop figure set includes Annie, Levi, and the Armored Titan. The Attack Titan, Eren, features long scruffy hair and bare teeth and a muscular body. Her unique armor is also a striking design, allowing her to create epic battles. As with the other Titans, Eren is a great pick for fans who want to collect her!

Armored Titan

The Attack on Titan Funko Pop Animation set features multiple choices from the popular anime series. The story follows Eren Jaeger, a teenager who is recruited to join the Survey Corps after his mother is killed by the Colossal Titan. The anime has been hugely popular since its debut in the written Japanese manga. Now, the TV series has been widely praised for its unique storytelling, and fans can own Attack on Titan Funko Pop! figures at discounted prices.

The Attack on Titan series also features an assortment of Funko Pop vinyl figures featuring the main characters of the series. Eren Jaeger stands 4.6 inches tall and is dedicated to ending the Titans’ reign of terror. The vinyl figure is choking hazard and has small parts. If you love the show and want to collect every Attack on Titan character, this is the perfect item for you. These figures are also perfect for displaying on your shelf.

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