Germisep Disinfectant Tablets


Germisep disinfectant tablets are made up of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which dissolves in water to form chlorine as Hypochlorous acid (HOCl). This chlorine-based disinfectant is a proven agent in controlling waterborne pathogens by disinfecting the water. Add the tablets and let it dissolve to do its job. For a happy and safe sanitation, choose Germisep!


GERMISEP is developed and formulated by Hovid Bhd (complies with WHO’s (cGMP) & (GLP)).

Germisep was first made available to hospitals and was used to clean and disinfect the areas, create a sterile environment.

Since then, our fight against harmful microbes have expanded far and wide across

3 regions, spanning across Asia, Africa, and Oceania

– to date, more than 100 million Germisep tablets have been used to disinfect over 8 billion square meters of space.

Today, Germisep is

applicable for residential and commercial usage.

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Chlorine is a widely used water disinfectant to sanitize and helps in killing most viruses and bacteria in water.

The slow-dissolving nature of the tablet reduces the risk of chlorine overdosage and thereby making it a perfect choice for sanitizing the pools.


Babies are vulnerable to the outer environment from the moment they make their entry into this world as they are exposed to the bacterium and other harmful microorganisms. So it is important to sterilise the baby bottles as they enter the primary entry point to the body, mouth. Proper sterilisation of the baby bottle will eliminate the chance of disease-causing microbes to enter the baby’s body.


As we travel from one place to another, we often come in contact with countless amounts of microbes. Therefore, having a disinfectant handy is important to ensure that you are well-sanitised. Apart from hand sanitisers, another viable option is our Germisep Wipes, which are surface and on-the-go disinfectant wipes that you can easily bring along with you everywhere! You can easily pop one packet into your bag or your pocket and you have a potent disinfectant that is ready to keep you protected against harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria.


The trusted microbial contamination solution for food products


Your bathroom is perhaps the only place in your house where you can go and freshen up after a long and tiring day. But what if the bathroom itself doesn’t feel and look as fresh and clean as it is supposed to be?

You can never ignore the fact that most microorganisms, including common bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, love growing in wet, humid conditions. Both your bathrooms and toilets are equally favourite places for these microbes to grow, replicate, and then get matured enough to spread diseases!

Even if you deeply cleanse your bathrooms and toilet, how can you be 100% sure that your toilets have been properly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected from all the looming microbes?

The answer is obvious – nobody can ever guess if their bathrooms have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected or not.

Therefore, the best way to keep these microorganisms at bay is with a trusted and reliable disinfectant that you know will not just claim but also kill all the unwanted microbes in your toilet. And so, this is where the Germisep Disinfectant Tablets come into the equation!

Here’s what you need to do to disinfect your bathrooms with Germisep:

Step 1: Dissolve the NaDCC tablets in water,

Step 2: Once fully dissolve, pour solution into preferred applicator,

Step 3: Proceed to disinfect the chosen areas.

Hospital Hand Sanitizer Malaysia

Germisep Toilet Disinfectant Tablets

Germisep is Southeast Asia’s No.1 NaDCC (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) tablet producer with presence in over 10 countries throughout the Asia Pacific region.

These NaDCC tablets, once dissolved in water, form hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is a potent and strong disinfectant. The sterilizing and disinfecting properties of this solution help more than just cleaning your toilet seats and toilet – they properly disinfect it and make sure that all harmful microorganisms have been eliminated from your bathrooms.

Moreover, these Germisep Disinfectant Tablets are hypoallergenic. This means that no matter who uses the toilets – babies, adults, or even the elderly, nobody would get any sort of allergies due to the usage of this product.

Also, compared to the other strong chlorine-based disinfectants, Germisep has a neutral pH level, which means you can use them without needing protective gloves.

And lastly – the formula is made so that it does not damage the bathroom floors or the toilet seats. It is not harsh in any way, which is yet another plus point that makes it a worth-buying product.

Germisep Cleaning wipes

Germisep – A Promising Product to Relieve All Your Worries In Today’s Era

With the threat of COVID19 still hovering upon all of us, it could be pretty inconvenient for all of us to share anything with others – let alone to share a toilet with someone!

Being a communal space the toilet  Just spray, clean, mop, and do whatever you want to do to disinfect your toilets.

With Germisep around, there is nothing to worry about! This disinfecting product is indeed a loyal companion that is bound to make you feel safe and carefree! So, why not try it out today and find out the truth?


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