What Is The Foreskin Infection That Can Be Cured At Home?

Foreskin infection is an issue that occurs in the male reproductive part, which generally involves inflammation or redness. While it is the most widely caused issue in males, it is possible to treat it entirely. If a person is circumcised, then his foreskin is removed from its base from the reproductive part after his birth. But if it’s not, there are some health conditions that you might encounter. All you need is to take care of your foreskin from the beginning. 

Sexologists in Gurgaon are experts in dealing with issues of foreskin and infection related to it. But there are many ways through which one can get rid of these infections at home only. All you need is proper guidance and help from experts. With the help of online consultation and other services, you can also treat your skin issues at home only.

Let’s find out what foreskin issues are and how you can treat them entirely at home without stepping out of your house. 

What is Foreskin Infection?

The foreskin can be called a sexual problem as it affects a person’s sexual life and sometimes destroys it for a lifetime. Not every person is likely to get foreskin problems, but it can happen to anyone at any stage of life. 

When a person is uncircumcised, a thin layer of tissues envelops the head of the penis like a cape. This cape is called the foreskin, and any infection that occurs in that region goes into foreskin infections. 

Now, we will discuss some of the most common foreskin infections with you. 


foreskin infection - Balanitis  

Tightness is something that makes your genital area hard to move without causing any pain or discomfort. In this case, people find it difficult to retract your skin from the penile’s head. 


  • Some medications in the market are proven to be effective in 90% of cases. You can opt for some antibacterial creams.
  • Using mild soap and drying the area after peeing will help you to a great extent. 
  • Do not use a bubble bath because it might act as an irritant. 

2. Phimosis 

foreskin infection - Phimosis 

When the penile skin is so tight that the top region shrinks and becomes impossible to retract, it comes under phimosis. The main drawback of this infection is that it destroys a man’s sexual life. It causes pain during intercourse, due to which a man avoids getting physical with his partner. 


  • Using a good steroid cream is always helpful as it softens the area, making it easy to retract. 
  • Using oil and petroleum jelly or any other lubricant will also work. 
  • Medication is proven to be effective if no home remedies work for you.
  • Surgery is the last option and in many cases isn’t even required. 

3. Paraphimosis

foreskin infection - Paraphimosis

When a man’s foreskin becomes tight and retracted behind the penis and doesn’t go back to its original position, it comes under paraphimosis. It is one of the most severe foreskin issues that can cause pain, discomfort and prevent ideal blood flow to the penis. 

Treatment for Foreskin Infection: 

  • Start using ice in the private area daily to prevent tightness. 
  • Use a bandage to wrap the penile region tightly as it protects against swelling.
  • Try to remove the pus from the area using a needle. 
  • Recommend a good sexologist for medication or professional help.

Chirag Bhandari- The best Sexologist for Foreskin Infection Treatment

Dr. Chirag Bhandari- Foreskin Infection  treatment specialist

If you face trouble dealing with your foreskin problems, are unable to pull it back or slide it back after sexual intercourse, you can always take the help of professionals. Sexologists in Gurgaon are experts in dealing with foreskin infections and curing them without any surgery or clinical aid. 

Visit the best sexologist and male sexual health expert-Dr, Chirag Bhandari, at IASH, India. Dr. Chirag is the founder of the best male sexual health clinic and a top-ranked doctor who treats any sexual problems in the best way possible. His treatments come with the highest success rates, making him the first choice for sexual disorder treatments and counseling. 

Foreskin infections are something that any person can get at any point. The important thing to note is that you can always talk to someone about it instead of worrying about it. You can also seek expert guidance from sexologists like Dr. Chirag Bhandari and his team at IASH, India. 

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