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I’m a Russian fashion blogger in New York City. Fashion is a trend in the blogging industry. I register about what is happening in today’s fashion and my participation in fashion blogs.

Russian Fashion Blogger

This Russian fashion blogger in New York will provide you with all the latest fashion trends and news about the Russian fashion industry.

You can find here all kinds of information about Russian fashion, including articles, news, and interviews with famous designers, stylists, and models.

In this blog, you will also find information about celebrities involved in the fashion industry.

What does fashion blogger mean?

Fashion bloggers can be anyone from teenagers to those over 40s interested in fashion trends. A fashion blogger can put together an outfit that’s fashionable and looks good on them. 

There is so much variety in fashion blogging that you can even find an individual who doesn’t like wearing clothes at all (or at least not clothing that is mass produced). It’s not uncommon for someone to post pictures of their outfits with no shoes on them or with their hair down. Fashion bloggers don’t have to wear any specific brand name; they can wear whatever they want because it will still look great on them!

New York Street Style

New York is the city where you can find the best fashion trends. In this city many fashion bloggers love to travel and have a good time in New York City.

Many Russian fashion bloggers live in New York, but I know only one of them. She is called Nastya and is a model of the Russian Federation. She has lived in New York for more than a year now.

Nastya has a blog on MySpace called Fashion Nastya. The blog posts daily with photos taken on the streets of New York City, where every day is different. In addition, Nastya often mentions her trips or events that take place in New York.

Russian Fashion Trends

Russian fashion is a mix of European and Eastern traditions, and the country has become a fashion trendsetter. The Russian style is characterized by its unique approach to fashion and beauty.

Russian fashion’s primary focus is elegance and femininity, reflected in the choice of colors, cuts, and fabrics.

Russian women wear dresses or long skirts and blouses and love to flaunt high heels. Color preferences in Russian clothing: There is a distinct difference in the color and theme preferences of the Russian men and women; for example, in winter, men wear warm colors such as browns, reds, oranges, or burgundy; while women opt for bright colors such as purple or pink.

Women also like to accessorize with jewelry like dangling earrings or chunky necklaces that are very popular during Christmas. Men wear suits while out in public with ties around their necks.

Front Row at Fashion Week

Fashion week is a busy time for designers, buyers, and stylists. Designing and producing new collections can take months or even years, so it’s not unusual for designers to travel worldwide on business.

The first week of September marks New York Fashion Week. It is one of the longest-running fashion events in the world and takes place over three days at Lincoln Center in midtown Manhattan. This year’s New York Fashion Week has seen significant changes, with its new executive director David Zylberman stepping down after six months. In his place will be Adam Selman, who has been head designer for Miu Miu since 2015, having previously worked with Balenciaga.


There are some great Russian fashion bloggers, but they’re all very different. Deciding which is right for you will depend greatly on your personal preferences. We hope this list helps you find the right blog to help you make your New York fashion blogger trip as well-planned and rewarding as possible!

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