Find The Easy Ways To Handle QuickBooks Error Code OLSU 1013

Whenever you get bank feed-related issues, it will probably be an error from OLSU-1013 or OLSU-1016 or OL-2XX or OL-3XX, etc. Today in the blog, we are specifically going to talk about QuickBooks error code olsu 1013. The error posts, “There is a problem with your login. Please try again.” It comes to pass because of the entry of invalid or wrong username or password while signing in to the online banking account. The blog talks more about such reasons and the steps a user must take to fix the error. So, to successfully use bank feeds, continue reading the blog till the closure.

If you face any trouble and issues while following the blog, without a second thought, call the QuickBooks Advisory Team at +1 800-579-9430 given, and get the easiest and most pragmatic solution.

Why error code OLSU 1013 occurs in QuickBooks?

There are many factors that take charge of the rise of the error. To become aware of those factors is as crucial as the troubleshooting itself, to understand the purpose of the troubleshooting. Let us start counting on those responsive factors:

  1. Using the wrong credentials for an online banking account can give the user this error.
  2. Outdated and wrongly configured Internet Explorer impetuses the error.
  3. A new notification from your financial institution that needs your attention, unattended, can also be troublesome.
  4. The outdated version of QuickBooks, earlier than 2017 will not support and can lead to error.
  5. If you haven’t used your online bank account for quite a while and has expired or become inactive will add to the issue.
  6. The error can also occur when there is a problem from the server’s side.

That was the list of the reasons that can cause the error and obstructs the processing. Now take a look at how you can resolve it.

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Ways to resolve the error you get while using bank feeds

There are many keys to this problem, like activating TLS 1.2 in Internet Explorer, verifying the Internet security pre-requisites, etc. Let us start with the easiest solution.

Note: Before performing the steps below, update the QuickBooks to its latest version for proper functioning.

Solution: Switch TLS 1.2 on in the Internet Explorer

Transport layer security 1.2 is a more advanced protocol that ensures the security of the data that to be transferred over the network. You need to get the latest updated Internet Explorer and enable TLS 1.2.

  1. Open the Internet Explorer 11 (of most recent version).
  2. From the browser’s top-right section, hit the Gear icon.
  3. Navigate to Internet Options, then selectAdvanced Tab.
  4. Now keep scrolling till you find the Security
  5. Uncheck the USE TLS 1.0, and select USE TLS 1.2.
  6. Bring the effect by pressing Apply andthen select OK.
  7. Before rebooting the system, close all the tabs, then process rebooting the computer.

Now that you have enabled TLS 1.2 in Internet Explorer, you will see the error has disappeared. If not, then you can refresh the connection with your financial institution.

This blog discussed the QuickBooks error code OLSU 1013, its causes, and ways to fix this. If the bank feed error doesn’t get fixed, call the QuickBooks Advisory Team at TFN and ask your doubts freely to get a professional explanation.

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