Expert Tips to Improve Speaking Score in IELTS Exam

The IELTS Speaking section is often considered the most difficult module of the IELTS exam. Because it includes face-to-face interaction with the examiner. Many students feel acute anxiety while appearing for this test. Well, this module is the fourth and final component of the IELTS exam. Basically, this module lasts for 11-14 minutes and will include an oral interview with the examiner. In this article, we have mentioned some tips that can take your speaking module’s preparations to a next level. 

The speaking module is divided into three parts: In the first part, you will be asked some common questions such as your interests, family, work, studies, and home. In the second part, you have to discuss a particular but general topic. Additionally, the examiner will give you one minute to organize your idea. Lastly, in the third part, the examiner will ask you further questions relevant to part two and you will have a chance to expand your answer. 

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Read the suggestions written below to improve your IELTS speaking score.

Speak at a natural speed

Nervousness during the test is going to make some changes in your speed of speech. Also, it will also change the tone of your speech. Either you will speak too fast or too loud. But practice can make you avoid this. Note that you will feel more nervous if you will focus on the negative thoughts. Therefore, get your focus back on your abilities. Stay calm while taking the speaking test. Furthermore, speak clearly and maintain your natural speed.

Stay relaxed

As you need to manage a lot of things together while taking the IELTS exam, you have to stay calm. Which is going to be an arduous task for you. But it is necessary so that you can convey your message error-free. The examiner will quickly sense your nervousness with the tone of your speech. Therefore, calm your anxiety and focus on good things. Giving answers in a relaxed but attentive mood will help you perform well in the module.

Elaborate your answers

Giving an elaborate answer is a chance to show how fluent you are. Therefore, if possible give reasons for your answers while taking the test. This will help you extend your answer. But compromising with correctness will not help you score well. Try to speak fluent but correct English. No doubt, fluency is an important IELTS assessment criterion. Therefore, maintain a good flow of speech. 

Utilize the one minute

In part two, you will have one minute to organize your idea. Well, you have to utilize this time slice appropriately. Remember that there must be something that you can say even if you are given an unfamiliar topic. Therefore, avoid getting nervous and think about what you can add to your answer. Such as your experiences, your friend’s experience, or maybe something relevant to the topic. Avoid making too much pause as this will deteriorate your fluency. 

Avoid memorizing the answer

Memorising large chunks of speech is not going to help you perform well. If you are accustomed to memorising your answer then please avoid this. You must improve your vocabulary, learn idioms, and practice sincerely during the preparation time. Practice speaking on different topics in front of the mirror. Well yes, we accept speaking in front of the examiner and a mirror is completely different. But practising will definitely help you improve your confidence substantially. 

Focus on correct pronunciation

It doesn’t matter if you lisp or have any speaking disorder. The IELTS exam will check your pronunciation. Trust us, it is very easy to pronounce English words. They aren’t complicated to pronounce. Yes, there are some words such as sixth that can trouble you in maintaining fluency. But the examiner can understand this well. Therefore, focus on correct pronunciation while taking the test. 

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Focusing on your abilities will definitely help you rejuvenate your energy to perform well. Have faith in the hard work you have done and give your answer confidently. 

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