Electric Scooter for teenagers

More and more people are discovering the small electric scooters for themselves. Because they combine numerous advantages with each other and offer themselves, electric scooters for teenagers especially in the city to bridge short distances. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they are easy to transport.

In addition to low dead weight and the use of high-quality materials, buyers should pay attention to quality seals in order not to experience any nasty surprises with the installed electrics of the scooter.

Advantages Electric Scooter

  • Fast charging and ready for use
  • Easy to learn
  • Mostly foldable and compact
  • This makes it easy to carry and store
  • Provide mobility
  • Small and usually inexpensive alternative to the e-bike
  • Emission-free
  • Can be taken on public transport

The following conditions have been deleted from the draft:

A moped driver’s license is no longer required

Scooters with less than 12 km/h may be used by persons who have reached the age of 12. Faster scooters require the age of 14

The insurance sticker will now not be a license plate but a weather-resistant sticker.


Driving the scooter is largely uncomplicated. If it is a foldable electric scooter, it is first opened and charged. Charging the battery can be done at any socket and takes about 2-5 hours depending on the model. Some models can even be powered via a USB port so that the energy on the go can come e.B. from a power bank carried.

The user has the choice between manual drive or switching on the motor. Manual drive means that you alternately push yourself off the ground with one leg and convert the momentum into kinetic energy.

If you want to switch on the electric drive, various systems are used. The electric acceleration is common via a rotary handle on the handlebar.

Electric scooters for different groups of people

For whom electric scooters are best suited we have summarized here:

Commuters: The biggest incentive to switch to the e-scooter is likely to have employees in the city and in suburban locations. As a comfortable and casual alternative to the e-bike, the scooters score above all with their practical size. Often they are not parked in front of the office but taken directly to the office. There, the scooters are protected against vandalism and theft and a possible parking problem is unnecessary at the same time. With the e-scooter, the last mile (from the car/bus to the office) becomes a pleasure. In addition, the scooter can be recharged directly.

For children: Electric scooters for children are of course great fun. The models are less powerful and usually manage speeds of up to 16 km/h. Also, their maximum load is not designed for adults. In terms of price, they are often in a frame that still passes as a birthday gift. Minimum age Recommendations from the manufacturers for children E-scooters are about 8 years, whereby the personal development of the child must play an important role! In order to be allowed to ride on public footpaths and cycle paths, the child must have reached the age of twelve.

For the elderly: The e-scooter is a most welcome and practical alternative for seniors and pensioners. Because the tedious ascent on the bike is eliminated. However, the scooters for seniors have a special feature. They not only offer a running board but also have a small saddle installed.

For people with disabilities: An electric scooter for disabled people is also a worthwhile investment and gives freedom of movement and mobility. Wherever a wheelchair is not necessary, but the use of an e-bike or other alternatives is not possible, the scooter can be just the right means of choice. In addition, there are some providers who also specialize in rehabilitation scooters.

For recreational athletes: The first electric downhill scooters are on the market. Fortunately. Because after the trail descent it is sometimes tedious to get back uphill with the scooter. Here, the e-bike downhill fraction has so far had a clear advantage. But the electric drive also offers practical support during training.

For holidaymakers and campers: If you also want to rely on electromobility on holiday or on the camping site, an e-scooter is a good choice. cheap electric skateboards because when folded, the scooters are very space-saving and can be stowed in the motorhome or trunk.

For workers in ports, warehouses, and exhibition grounds: In some professions, long walks are part of everyday working life. These distances can be overcome much faster with a smart scooter. This saves employees time and energy.
For tall people: Tall people with a body measurement of more than 190 cm should take a lot of time when choosing. On the one hand, the handlebars of most models are made more for smaller people. On the other hand, body weight also plays a decisive role in the purchase of scooters for very tall people.

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