Dressing to Compliment Your Skin Tone- The Latest Trend

Have you ever noticed that you receive compliments from people when you dress in a particular color? This is because there are some colors that compliment your skin tone more. Hence, giving you an instant attractive and refreshing look. My go-to colors are mustard and maroon. And I have always found Pakistani wedding dresses with dupatta attractive for this reason. There are a lot of maroons and mustards in their wedding attires.

Here’s how you can find out your ‘lucky’ colors.

Finding the Skin Undertone

Before you skip to the colors that will compliment your skin tone based merely on the apparent color of your skin, you need to unveil your skin undertone. This might be the first time in your life that you will be doing so (kidding). Anyway, it is not hard to figure out your skin undertone. All you have to do is look at the following:

  • Look at your wrist– This may sound funny to you but looking at the color of your veins in your wrist can reveal a lot. If you see purple or blue color of veins, then you happen to be cool-toned. But if your veins appear green, then you are warm-toned.
  • Have a look at your eyes– If your eyes have golden flecks, you will look better in warm tones. However, if your eyes have blue or grey flecks, then you will look better in cool tones. Generally, people with a cool tone have blue, green or gray eyes. While people with warm tones have hazel, brown or amber eyes.
  • Analyze your hair color– If you have a silver or ash undertone, then cool tones will suit you better. But if you have a red, yellow or orange undertone, then warm colors will suit you better. However, remember that we are talking about the natural color of your hair here.

The chances that you are a neutral skin tone are also there. This means that you won’t find any of the above-mentioned features in yourself. Good news for you, you can opt for cool and warm tones both.

What to Choose Based on Your Complexion?

As a general guideline for the complexion that you have, you should prefer wearing the following tones:


Fair colored women should opt for hues that contrast with the skin tone. This will aid in bringing some color to their complexion. Hence, giving them a brighter look. In case, you are looking for the exact colors that you should prefer wearing, then opt for dark shades like burgundy, navy blue, grey, brown and the like. Pastel colors are not meant for this skin tone. Therefore, avoid.

To get more color inspirations, you can follow Emma Stone as she falls under this category. However, she has a cool undertone. The warm undertone fair colored ladies should look up to Blake Lively for inspiration.

Olive/Medium Skin

If you have a medium colored skin that turns tan in the sun rather than pink, then you have a warm undertone. Lucky you, you can try to put a wider range of colors because there are many colors out there that can complement your skin tone. You should go for shades that are a bit brighter or darker than the middle ground. They will suit you the best. However, you should not consider wearing shades of yellow and green. Because these colors will be close to your skin tone. And will not allow for a good contrast.

Jessica Alba is a warm-toned medium colored beauty. While Penelope Cruz falls under the cool tone. The hair colors that go best with this complexion include caramel, dark brown and ash brown. An advantage of having a medium tone is that you can wear bolder and darker colors without any hesitation.

Dark Skin

The safest option for a dark-skinned lady would be to go with white. However, you cannot always dress in white and need a change. So, the best options for you would be lighter shades of the colors purple, green orange, pink, yellow and peach. Do not opt for brown as it will not compliment your skin tone at all. And you won’t be able to look flattering while wearing brown or any shade of brown.

For warm tone inspirations, check Beyoncé out. In case you have a cool tone, follow Kerry Washington. You should also consider dying your hair in colors including honey blonde, espresso, and jet black.


If you have a deep complexion, then you should have Viola Davis (warm tone), and Lupita Nyong’o (cool tone), on your inspiration list. The best hair color for you would be jet black. And the aptest colors for you to choose from include jewel tones, fuchsia, royal blue, white, and blush.

After knowing about the best color shades that complement your skin tone well, you can pick any style of clothing for yourself. For those who prefer ethnic wear, Pakistani women dress have a huge variety of colors. You can always fuse different looks too. Like wearing a top that represents one culture with jeans or a skirt.

Happy dressing up.

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