Do You Know What Candles Are Safe for Use Around Babies?

Can Candles Be Lit Around Infants? No, do not light candles around infants. The burning of scented candles around infants is not recommended in general. Choose candles made of soy wax or beeswax if you wish to light them so badly. Who wouldn’t want lavenders to fill their baby’s nursery? Such aromas are so pleasing to us; are they also pleasing to your infant? In order to manufacture scented candles, it is necessary to use a variety of materials. Is the aroma dangerous for your infant? Is your infant irritated by these odors? Also, do you know what candles are safe for use around babies?

When it comes to candles, what kind is the safest to use around newborns? How long should they remain in the nursery? This page has all the answers; continue reading!

Can You Use Candles Near Babies? If Yes Then Which One

It is safe to burn candles made exclusively from organic materials, including the wax and the wick, close to infants.

Ensure that the candle wick is constructed from unbleached cotton. You should use candles of soy wax, beeswax, or palm oil available in boxes for candles.

A natural wax candle burns more cleanly and longer than a synthetic wax candle. Paraffin candles frequently generate soot and contain dangerous pollutants.

You might alternatively use electronic candles, which lack an exposed flame and are thus safer. Some electric candles provide a slight scent.

Is it safe to burn Candles around Infants?

No, it is unsafe to light candles around young children. Toddlers like exploring their nurseries. Obviously, candles are not safe for them.

Obviously, you may argue that they should be placed on a raised surface. Is soot healthy for them? Is the aroma all-natural? Can they tolerate the pungent odor?

Candle trash may also be hazardous to their health. Infants like putting everything in their mouths. Therefore, this should also be a worry.

You may place wax melt burners in the nursery if you so like. Perform this just for a few hours. Don’t leave candles burning all day in the nursery.

Aside from the obvious considerations, such as the candle’s stability and inability to topple over or its placement out of your baby’s reach, there are a few more factors to consider when determining which candles are safe to use around newborns. So let’s get started.

Are Candles Safe Around Infants?

When selecting an aromatherapy candle to use near your kid, you should make sure that it contains only natural chemicals. Thus, you can be certain that the burning process will not emit potentially hazardous compounds into the room. Examine ALL components of a candle, from the wax to the wick.

It might be difficult to locate candles that are completely devoid of harmful substances, particularly for usage near infants. A “blend” may refer to a combination of natural and synthetic components. Often, marketing materials make it difficult to discern between natural and synthetic elements. Ensure that the label reads “pure essential oils”; if it mentions scents, the product is synthetic.

For non-toxic candles, the wick should be unbleached cotton to provide a safe, clean burn, and the candle should be manufactured from a natural wax such as soy, vegetable, or beeswax.

Aromatherapy may also assist pregnant women in relieving stress; however, not all essential oils are advised for women who are expecting. The sense of smell in a baby develops over time, particularly during pregnancy. If this is true, your unborn baby will certainly be able to smell things that you are smelling while you are pregnant.

Which candles should I Avoid?

While burning your favorite scented candle before bedtime might provide at least a temporary respite, many candles are constructed with paraffin wax and synthetic aroma. When paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum waste, is burnt, carcinogenic benzene and toluene are produced. It implies that inhaling them is just as hazardous to your health as passive smoking. If you get headaches while a candle is burning, the paraffin may be to blame.

Synthetically scented candles with a strong aroma pose especially significant dangers. The release of these compounds breathed over time may be very harmful, particularly to the developing lungs of infants, and may provoke asthma episodes and allergies.

Consequently, the rule of thumb should be to seek out candles produced entirely of natural chemicals. Thus, you will prevent any health problems that might impact your child. Also, try to maintain the wick clean in order to make your candles even safer for your infant. Removing the soot can help you create a clean burn in that area.

How Often May Candles Be Used Around Infants?

No matter what smell or kind of candle you’re using, you should not leave your candles burning constantly. Simply put, the infant also requires fresh air; hence it is advised that its sleeping area be sufficiently ventilated.

Additionally, you should restrict the usage of scented candles to a few hours every day, rather than burning them constantly. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the calming effects of these candles without oversaturating the air in your house, which is not only unappealing to newborns but also to adults and animals.

The greatest time to use candles is when you need your baby to quiet down, such as when you are preparing them for sleep or while you are feeding them. Relaxing them in this manner can help them sleep better and more comfortably, allowing you to sleep better as well.


Caution is urged while selecting a candle for a room where a baby will be present. Do not choose the first candle you see, particularly if it is manufactured from paraffin wax. All-natural candles featuring wax, wicks, and essential oils are best.

Additionally, you should not use candles excessively. Given that the baby’s lungs are still maturing, you will want to provide them with plenty of fresh air in a regularly ventilated environment. A couple of hours each day is plenty.

Aromatherapy candles may provide a calming environment that will allow you to experience precious moments with your kid, times that you can enjoy fully due to the tranquility they provide. Find the one that works best for you and your kid, and you will be able to give your infant a far more calming atmosphere.

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