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The temporary graduate visa Subclass 485 gives you the authority to live, work and opt for higher studies in Australia after you have finished your studies. The Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 has two streams: the Graduate work stream and the Post-study work stream.

Many international students use the subclass 485 visa to pursue different activities. How long you stay in Australia with the 485 visas depends on your chosen stream.

Who is Eligible for the Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 Visa?

You need to fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for the subclass 485 visa:

  • You need to be under 50 years of age
  • You need to hold an eligible visa
  • You need to have a recent qualification in a CRICOS-registered course
  • You need to meet the additional requirements of the chosen stream.

Do You Need to Complete an English Test for a Temporary Graduate Visa?

You might need to provide evidence of your English language proficiency as part of your temporary graduate visa 485 application. You can take the IELTS, an English language proficiency test for work, study and migration. You can take the IELTS test at the Australian IELTS test centres.

Will You Need OSHC To Support Your Application for a Temporary Graduate Visa?

At the time of the visa application, if you have a valid student visa, you can be covered under the OSHC policy (Overseas Student Health Cover) as a condition of the student visa requirement. You will also be able to include evidence of the existing OSHC with your visa application.

But you might still need to have a 485 visa health insurance at some stage during the visa processing period. This will aid in your visa subclass 485 application being finalized.

After this, you will be contacted by the Department of Home Affairs as they will require evidence that you have taken out policies that abides by the 485 visa requirements before being issued the visa.

For instance, if your student visa expires after the 485 visa processing period and you are given a bridging visa, your OSHC policy will also expire. Before your student visa and OSHC policy expire, you need to get another health insurance policy that complies with the level of health insurance for the 485 visas.

How Do You Apply for the Subclass 485 Visa?

You can make applications online at the Department of Home Affairs. You need to get all the documents ready before completing the application and payment to ensure that your visa application is valid.

Estimated Fees and Processing Time of the 485 Visa

The cost of applying for the graduate visa 485 begins from AUD 1680, and the processing time will depend on your work stream. The estimated processing time for such visas depends on the stream chosen and the number of applications provided.

Latest Visa Updates

The eligibility requirements for the post-study 485 work visa can be relaxed if you are enrolled with an Australian education provider and have been affected by COVID-19 and associated travel restrictions.

Under the following arrangements:

  • You need to be able to count towards the Australian study requirement if you’re either a new or existing student visa holder undergoing online study outside of Australia due to COVID-19.
  • The eligible graduates who are affected by travel restrictions can also apply and be granted a temporary graduate visa 485 outside of Australia.
  • More time will be given to you to provide your English language test results if you cannot take the test in your home country due to the pandemic. More time can also be given to undertake biometric collection and health checks if COVID-19 has affected access to these services.

How Can You check if Your Occupation is On Your List?

You can check the occupations on Australia’s government immigration skilled list to see if your occupation is on the list.

How Do You Check if You Are Eligible for This Visa?

You need to fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for the visa:

  • You need to have completed a course with an Australian institution
  • You need to satisfy the English language in the form of IELTS, Pearson’s or Occupational English test
  • You need to meet the health requirements of Australia
  • Skills assessments are also required for you on the graduate work but not on the post-study work stream.

Do The 485 Visas Also Require a Police Check?

Everyone who is dependent on the 485 visas and is over 16 years old needs to submit a police check.

Can You Work Full Time under the 485 Visa?

If you hold a valid 485 working visa, you will have full time working rights for the duration of your visa. If you want to continue residing in Australia after your visa expiry, you need to apply for another visa under a different subclass.

Which Health Insurance Do You Require for Your 485 Visas?

Student visa holders will have to change their OSHC insurance to graduate health cover and their visas. The Australian government needs you to have basic health cover for yourself and the family members you bring with you while on the 485 visas.

Your evidence can be your insurance agreement that you must show before applying for the visa subclass 485. The arrangements need to cover the period of visa processing and for the entire time of your visa.

Document Checklist for the 495 Visa

You need the following documents for the 485 visa:

  • Application form
  • Form 80
  • Form 47 A
  • Form 956
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Birth certificate of the main applicant and family members included in the application
  • Evidence of legal name change
  • Evidence of skills and qualifications
  • Evidence of English language skills
  • Health and character certificates.

Final Words

You need to apply for the subclass 485 visa if you want to live in Australia. If you have doubts regarding the application process, you can hire a migration agent in Adelaide. These experts can help you know the latest updates on these migration visas and help you fill out application forms. Always make sure you get in touch with the best immigration agent in Adelaide who can assist you throughout the process.

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