Situated on the banks of the Tirthan River in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 1600 metres, Tirthan Valley is the gateway to the Great Himalayan National Park. A place where you can easily forget the world to rest,rejuvenate.And can take on the loads of nature, following one trail or the other, in the woods or along a river.Overall,it is a great way to connect with nature,try family camping, enjoy with friends over a bonfire, A perfect place to sit by the river,listen to music,get to know each other (helpful in team or relationship building) eat.outside or just walking around,etc.The list of such things to do in Tirthan Valley continues.Tirthan Ghati or Banjar Ghati is used synonymously for Banjar Tehsil located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.Tirthan Ghati is located in the town of Banjar, and because a Tirthan river flows in the valley,the place is more popularly known as Tirthan Ghati.

Jibhi is another well known or popular name of Banjar Valley and apart from small village places,there is not much difference between Banjar or Tirthan Valley,or Jibhi.Technically,all three are part of the Banjar Valley,As well as some other nearby villages where Gushaini and Jibhi are the two most popular tourist destinations of Tirthan.Some people also call Tirthan Valley as Trout Fishing Valley.When you visit Tirthan Valley,you will immediately feel the fresh air around you And feel the raw,pure bliss of nature with the cool breeze kissing your face.If nature runs on something you like or even trout fishing,So don’t think too much about your upcoming vacation in Himachal Pradesh,instead head towards Tirthan Valley from Delhi.


Since Tirthan Valley is located in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh,you have to take Delhi to Manali Highway to reach the place called Aut after Mandi.You do not need to enter the Jawahar Tunnel in Aut,but continue on the road that takes you to the Banjar Valley.The distance from Delhi to Tirthan Ghati by Mandi-Pandoh route is about 511 km.The full route is as follows:

Delhi–Ambala(188 KM)–Chandigarh–Roopnagar(282 KM)–Kiratpur–Bilaspur(371 KM)–Mandi(440 KM)–Pandoh–Aut(481 KM)–Larji–Gushaini–Tirthan(511 KM)


There is an alternate route which exists from Delhi to Shimla via Jalori Pass to Banjar-Tirthan.This alternate route is approximately 40 km long and its details are given below.

Delhi–Ambala(188 KM)–Kalka–Shimla(370 KM)–Narkanda(430 KM)–Ani–Khanag–Jalori Pass(520 KM)–Shoja(524 KM)–Banjar(538 KM)–Tirthan(544 KM)

Many are also interested in traveling full circuit from Delhi including Delhi to Manali to Tirthan,Shoja to Jalori to Shimla and back home.This way you can enjoy both the routes and visit some of the beautiful places in Kullu and Shimla districts.


The nearest airport from Tirthan Valley is Bhuntar,which is about 50 km away. You have to take a cab/bus to go from Bhuntar to Tirthan.The airport has limited connectivity in view of the weather fluctuations in the Kullu region and may face disruption in operations.


Chandigarh is the nearest major railway station.There is no direct train from Delhi or Shimla to Mandi.However,you can take Shatabdi till Chandigarh and hire a taxi/bus to Mandi.You can also visit Joginder Nagar Train Station which is about 120 km from Tirthan Ghati.


Many people ask me,”How can I reach Tirthan Valley by bus?”And in this section,I will provide details about travel to Tirthan by public transport.You can easily travel to Tirthan by bus or public transport.Regular HRTC buses,as well as overnight Volvo buses run daily from Delhi to Manali.These buses reach auto the next morning at around 6 am. You can get off the bus in the auto.And the rest of the journey to Tirthan can be covered by taxi or wait for the Shimla bus from Kullu.


After getting down, you have two options from Aut, either prebook a taxi with the help of the hotel.Or from Tirthan Valley to guesthouse or you can get yourself down at Bhuntar to take a taxi. By auto, you can get a taxi for around Rs 800 with a seating capacity of 5-6 people. If you take a taxi from Bhuntar,the taxi can charge around Rs 1500.Because they may have to return empty-handed. A pre-arranged taxi from the hotel may be cheaper as the taxi they will send for pickup will be a Banjar based taxi, Not based on Kullu or Bhuntar.Tirthan is about 30 km from Aut. On your way back you can catch a Manali to Delhi bus around 7 pm.And can reach Delhi by 7 o’clock the next morning. Next morning.

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