We’ve all seen it happen: a new product or concept enters the market and immediately generates a lot of buzz. CBD oil and its derivatives belong to the same category. People from all walks of life are quickly embracing these products, and the line of goods is currently making a big splash.

Custom CBD Packaging is becoming increasingly popular as a result of the substance’s numerous benefits. CBD products, according to proponents, are effective in treating a variety of conditions, including pain relief, anxiety and depression reduction, improved heart health, inflammation reduction, diabetes prevention, cancellation of cancer treatment side effects, and more.

Though more research is needed to confirm its efficacy, the therapeutic substance is making headlines by the day. This presents a golden opportunity for both producers and packagers to cash in and make a fortune.

However, this can only happen if you are labeling Custom CBD Boxes properly. In light of this, SirePrinting, a leading packaging company specializing in Custom CBD Packaging Wholesale, has compiled a list of dos and don’ts for labeling your CBD product. These pointers will keep you safe from federal interference and allow you to get on with your life.



To begin, determine whether your product requires a supplement or food label. Printing directions for use and the intended use of the product on your Custom Printed Boxes are also a good idea. If your product is an oral spray, gel, or capsule, a supplement label you will require to display.

Even some beverage and food formats must be labeled as supplements, especially if the serving size is less than the Food and Drug Administration’s RACC (Recommended Amount of Consumption) (recommended amount customarily consumed).

The most important consideration is how the product is intended to be used. The serving size, container size, and marketing claims made about the product can all be used to determine this. However, most hemp CBD products are labeled as supplements.

To avoid any inconvenience, if you choose to go the supplement label route, make sure to follow the FDA labeling rules for dietary supplements.


While CBD is appealing, if your product isn’t a full-spectrum CBD product, it’s best to market it as a cannabinoid or hemp product. However, if you’re selling a full-spectrum CBD product, it’s fine to call it that.

If you haven’t exaggerated the health benefits claims, comprehensive detail on Custom CBD Packaging will not only separate it from CBD drug products but will also keep it off the FDA’s radar.


The majority of the time, front labeling isn’t done correctly. CBD manufacturers must ensure that the display panel includes essential information such as:

In the case of liquids, the net weight of the product, or

A container’s number of tablets or capsules.

This requirement, however, does not apply to products stocked and sold in marijuana dispensaries. If you’re selling your products in a specific state, it’s best to adhere to its labeling regulations. If not, you must abide by federal regulations.

A proclamation of identity is another important piece of information that must display on the front of the label. ‘Dietary supplement,’ ‘herbal supplement,’ or ‘hemp extract supplement’ are all possibilities.

On the front of the Custom CBD Boxes, you might want to highlight the number of nutrients, such as 10 mg CBD per serving. However, make sure that this amount does not differ from the information on the back label.


If you’re going to put a supplement on the front of your Custom CBD Packaging, a supplement facts panel should go on the back. Specify the part(s) of the plant that you are using in the production of herbal products. Additionally, the total amount of hemp extracted for use or oil per serving must display.

However, if you only display the amount of CBD in each serving in the facts panel, the product will appear isolated. You can separate the cannabinoids and print the amount for each serving to make it more transparent.

If your product is a beverage or food, however, a nutrition facts panel you should print on the back. The nutrition facts differ slightly from the supplement facts, so consult the FDA food labeling guide to gain a better understanding. In terms of the front, the requirements for beverage or food are similar to those for the supplement.

We hope that the above information will assist you in properly labeling your Custom Printed Boxes.

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