Crypto meme coins – A complete tutorial for beginners

For some it is the most profitable investment ever, for others a disgrace to the crypto market. Meme coins are both infamous and famous. Often these digital coins have no innovative plans for the future and mainly serve as a joke, which as an investment carries a very high risk.

Meme coins have a lot of brand awareness thanks to a large community. This community was partly created by the familiarity of the memes associated with the coin in question. Both the memes and the huge profits are widely shared on the internet. As a result, new investors are quickly inclined to purchase these Hokk coin Price.

However, meme coins are a very risky investment. These speculative tokens can experience huge price increases, but they can also fall very abruptly. Because the coins are based on well-known images on the internet, this can also work in the opposite direction. One Tweet from Elon Musk, for example, can be enough to cause the price to drop significantly.
What are meme coins?
A meme coin is a cryptocurrency based on a meme. A meme is a humorous image or short video that goes viral on the Internet. Thanks to the fast communication through social media channels, meme coins can become incredibly popular.

When a digital currency is based on a meme, it is called a memecoin. These coins are driven by the meme and are often characterized by a large fan base. Due to this great popularity, the demand for the memecoin is high. This has resulted in huge price increases several times.

Almost since the inception of the crypto market, memecoins have been active in the market. In 2014, Dogecoin and Nyancoin were the most famous memecoins. These two digital coins were based on the Doge and Nyan Cat meme.

Over the years, more and more memecoins have entered the crypto market. In addition, the memecoins also develop their network. For example, the ecosystems of the most well-known memecoins are growing and you can stake and swap the coins on meme platforms.

Since the inception of memecoins, many have predicted that they will disappear. Because there is usually no large project – led by a team with experience – behind the token, people often say that the coins are bubbles . However, Dogecoin, for example, proves that memecoins still have a right to exist after many years.

The most famous Meme coins
Most meme coins can be divided into a number of categories. However, so many memecoins have emerged in 2021 that the meme coins almost resemble an NFT breeding game . For example, different memes are combined with each other in terms of name, from which, for example, Pepe Inu and Doge Inu originate. If you click on the names of these coins, you can see the fate of most of the meme coins.

In addition to the memes explored further in this article, there are also countless memecoins that derive their name from planets or Elon Musk. In addition, there are also a lot of memecoins that are not based on memes. SafeMoon ( SAFEMOON ) is an example of this.

Like many coins that are based on memes, there are also a lot of variants of Safe Moon that are a combination of Safe Moon and other memes in name. Safe Moon Inu ( SMI ) and BabySafeMoon ( BSFM ) are recent examples of this. The most well-known memecoins are discussed below.
Pepe Cash
One of the first meme coins was Pepe Cash ( PEPECASH ). The Japanese team behind the token started developing the token on September 14, 2016. In addition to the token, there was also a website for NFTs. In 2015, the website was launched, which serves as a platform for Pepe NFTs.

Pepe the Frog – Pepe for short – is an internet meme based on a character by Matt Furie. The meme first appeared in 2005 on Matt’s MySpace account. Pepe the Frog became so popular that it gained worldwide fame, resulting in many memes.

Where most memecoins have no function, this is different with Pepe Cash. The token was intended to buy and sell Rare Pepe’s. Rare Pepe’s ( RPEPE ) are one of the first NFT collections. NFT stands for Non Fungible Token and ensures that digital ownership is recorded on the blockchain . Every meme released is certified by the Rare Pepe Foundation.

As NFTs have grown enormously in popularity in 2021, the value of Rare Pepe’s has also increased. This hype has ensured that a Rare Pepe has been sold for about $500,000 in 2021, which was then equivalent to 147 Ethereum ( ETH ). This card was the Pepe variant of Satoshi Nakamoto and is called ‘ The Nakamoto Card ‘.

In addition to Pepe Cash and the Rare Pepe’s, there are many variants of these meme coins and NFTs. Many variants of Pepe have been combined with other memes. Examples include Pepe Moon, Pluto Pepe, Pepelon, and Pepe Inu. In addition, with Pepemon ( PPBLZ ), there is also a game with NFT elements, which is based on Pepe the Frog.

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