Criteria for selecting an Immigration Consultant in 2022

Canada is undoubtedly the best country to live in if you are dependent on the factors such as what country is best? Almost everyone claims that Canada is the country which you can call home. Various Canadian Immigration Consultancies may help you fulfill your dreams. Choosing the best Canadian immigration consultants can be overwhelming. 

Nobody wants to take any chances when choosing amongst various options for licensed and unlicensed consultancies in the market. There are crucial parameters that have to be kept in mind handy. Let’s look at the multiple factors that play a significant role while seeking the best Canadian immigration consultancy:

  • ICCRC Registered: The first thing you should confirm is the authenticity of the immigration consultancy, and the consultancy should be ICCRC registered.
  • License and Experience: The team handling your application should be licensed and experienced.
  • Size of the Company: The number of members and years of market presence of the consultancy also matter as it shall give you an idea of its goodwill.
  • Successful Applications: The number or statistical figures of the applications successfully processed by your choice of immigration consultancy play a vital role in determining your chances of getting approved.

Let us know the tips to find the best Canadian immigration consultancy for your immigration dreams.

  1. Analyze their Credentials

You should prefer those consultancies that have completed their immigration consultant diploma program. It will assure you that you have chosen the best option that can impact your decision-making process.

  1. Always prefer References

It is better to go for the references while choosing the best Canadian immigration consultant, and it will boost your confidence and help you understand them better. 

  1. Check Their Online Reputation

Several immigration Consultants provide the best services; however, it is crucial to check their online reputation. Also, go through their website and their availability online to know the goals and values of the company. 

  1. Check for Knowledge and Expertise

It is crucial to verify their expertise before proceeding further. Take your next move only after knowing about the legalities, timeline, documentation, and costs.

  1. Try to contact a Consultancy and not the agents.

You can trust the registered Visa Consultancy firms with their proper office setup, client servicing team, and registration status. 

  1. Know more about your Consultant

It is essential to know that your immigration consultant is vital as it is crucial in your journey. If your application gets rejected, it will cost you money and time, and you should look at other aspects even if the immigration consultant is certified. 

  1. A written agreement

It would be best if you asked for a written agreement as it is helpful as it explains the expense incurred and the fees charged throughout the process from the immigration consultant. 

  1. Personalized Attention

A genuine immigration consultancy will always take your profile seriously and other terms like financial aspects. They will provide you with at least enough details so that you would be satisfied to know that there are chances of getting your application approved.
So these are a few of the essential tips you should keep in mind before choosing the best Canadian immigration consultants for yourself. Contact Achintya Immigration Consultant today if you are ready to move abroad. They have been active for more than five years, and it is the best brand across India with an impeccable success story. If you plan to immigrate for work, study or settlement purposes, Achintya Consultant will help you achieve your immigration dream hassle-free.

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