The Most Creative Ways To Write A Powerful Memoir


Literary writings have many forms among which memoir is the one that allows telling interesting facts about the events that have already taken place in the past. Apart from that, memoirs provide an opportunity for the people living in the present to peek into the past. Rather have a clear understanding of the present and get ready for the future by analyzing the old days.

Writers have devised many interesting ways to depict history through unique writing styles. Memoir writing is one of the forms of literary writing that are primarily non-fictional and based on true stories and events.

Understanding memoirs

A memoir is a non-fictional written document that is most commonly based on a first-person tone. The writer is intended to tell the story either about the happening that took place in his own life or regarding someone else’s.

Writing a successful memoir requires a lot more than just an exciting hook that has the power to make the readers crave for more. Since history is quite a boring subject and anything that belongs to it deems monotonous and hard to read about. The only thing that a writer has to focus on is the point that is relatable to every reader’s personal life story.  

Brief history

During the mid of the 18th century, many writers had been involved in writing autobiographies. However, some of them introduced that the best autobiography is the one that is written about a person’s own life and by himself.  

During the early times, it was believed that memoirs are composed of extremely self-absorbed individuals that love to talk about their own experiences and achievements. They are generally named narcissists. It is also supposed that memoirs written by the fighters of the English Civil War back in the 18th century formed the basis of this sort of literary writing branch.               

The types of memoirs people use to write

Since its inception, the art of memoir writing has evolved in quite an amazing way. They got popular because of the fact they entice the audience and make them find themselves somewhere in the story. Given below are the types of Memoir Writing styles.     


These are the sort of memoirs that describe any particular event that took place in the writer’s life in a certain fragment of time. The depiction revolves around how did the event occur, and how did the writer go through it and learned after it had over.

Primarily, memoirs are composed to let others learn from the past experiences of the people. There is always a message in personal accounts that enthusiasts the readers consequently urging them to read more.          


As the name indicates, confessional memoirs are like the text that shows some sort of repentance from the writer’s side. The writer accepts all his wrongdoings that lead to some unpleasant occurrences during a certain time frame belonging to the old days.

Many of us would have seen the reality shows in which the contestants go to the confession booths and accept all their mistakes and ask for forgiveness in front of the authorities. Similarly, confessional memoirs are just like a lesson for even the readers that may not have committed some mistakes but get the chance to get to know the consequences.

The writers also show the corrections they have made after making those grave errors. They also share how their lives are going on after it.                 


Apart from travel guides, these memoirs tell about the experiences one goes through while visiting a new country or a place. It is more like fun but sometimes a bit thrilling as well. The writers share how they had been welcomed by the natives, the food, culture, etc. 

Mountaineers also write memoirs sharing their adventurous stories filled with amusement and the sensation of horror simultaneously giving goosebumps to the readers.  

Memoir for the public

Public memoirs depict the social side of a writer. For example, a celebrity writes concerning himself and the ways he or she spent their entire life being a public figure. The ups and downs they confronted during this period and how did go through all the situations.

Moreover, this depicts the celebrity side of a writer. Although memoirs like these are more likely to introduce the composer to the audience in a much closer way.           

Based on profession

Bureaucrats, people from the forces, politicians, and other individuals belonging to career paths whenever share the most crucial stuff about their professional lives. The resultant pieces of writing are called Professional memoirs.

Often individuals share their journies to the most prestigious professions and how they carried them.       


Another type of memoir that is not fundamentally written by the writer himself but depicts the life events of someone else. Well not like an autobiography but more or less like a third person tone, telling the readers about the subject.

Suppose the famous diary of Anne Frank is rescued by someone who later on wrote regarding the horrific events she and her family had been going through the Second World War.

Significant elements that make an engaging memoir

Incorporating some of your personal tales into a book can provide readers with valuable ideas that they can use in their own lives. An excellent memoir will have an underlying purpose, a meaningful takeaway message, or a plan for helping someone better a certain element of their lives.

You just have a feeling you’re going to write a book. Maybe you’ve conquered some major challenges in your life, or maybe you’ve lived a nomadic lifestyle. Writing a memoir allows you to create the windows to your spirit and allow readers into your personal experience.


The concept of your memoir will be focused on a slice of your life that you wish to share with your reader. A good memoir will have a clear emphasis point, an underlying message that will use the strength of reflection to propel the tale toward its intended goal.

Emotional Blend

To add some spice and an effective hook, it is important to add some emotional essence to the memoir. Any gripping memoir is an incredible rollercoaster that catches the reader’s attention right away. Explore the pivotal scenes in the tale and allow yourself to recall their emotional impact. Take the reader on a journey through your memoir’s significant moments.  


Things are critical to keeping it honest when writing a memoir. Attempts to exaggerate the facts will not deceive the readers. It’s always ideal to recount events, feelings, disclosures, and relationships as accurately as possible.

How to write a memoir that is well-structured

Structure and format are the key components of an eye-catching memoir. They form the basis of a strong document. Besides, memoirs must follow a progressive chronological order and must be free from some sort of blocks of jumbled information.    

The Sequential Order

A memoir differs from an autobiographical piece of writing in that it is not a full-length account of your life. When writing about events in your own life, starting from the beginning and working your way through the chronology of activities from last to first might be the easiest approach.  


It is more like taking the picture of a past event and elaborating to those who are living in the present the whole scenario.  Keeping a simple structure will help figure out how to depict past events in the current state without getting the audience puzzled.

Specific Theme

Consider the recollections initially while writing a memoir. If you discover that your core emphasis is on issues like embracing change, overcoming hardship, sorrow, or family ties, select to write about specific events that relate to those ideas, tying them together anecdotally throughout your story. A theme might assist your reader to connect the dots by indicating a larger, overarching purpose in your work.

Inner strife

By creating a memoir on an ongoing problem, you may provide your readers a better understanding of how your mental state led to these troubling occurrences in their lives, as well as the difficulty they faced while working it through.


 Some people get confused about the concept of memoirs and autobiographies. There is a clear difference between them – Memoirs are written about a particular happening in the subject’s life. Whereas, autobiographies are about the entire life of the writer. There are many simple and easy steps that can be followed before writing down a memoir. The hooks are a significant component of any sort of literary writing to keep the readers tethered till the end of the book. Above all, memoirs are meant to be interesting and must have the ability to take penetrate the audiences’ imagination making them o visualize every scenario through beautifully written sentences and easy to comprehend vocabulary.

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