Costs and fees of buying or selling property in Dubai

So you are up to buy or sell property in Dubai and want to know some details about the process and fees. If it’s true then you are the right place. We have gathered some basic information about the fees that you will have to pay to buy or sell property. Sometimes we just know about the project costs and don’t include the hidden charges or any extra charges involved. If we do a small research we can avoid many unpleasant incidents.  So lets see what are the fees to pay while selling or buying property in Dubai.

What are agency fees to be paid?

The investor will have to pay for the brokerage 2 plus VAT it’s really important to work with professional broker that has access to lots of property projects. This will lessen the hassle finding another broker and finding whether they are best professionals or not.

A reputed broker will have the guts to get you the property you desired.

What are progression Fees

The investor/buyer will also have to pay 7500 dirhams fee. If it’s possible we recommend consult somebody you know in Dubai even if you have purchased the property .

What is land department transfer fee

The buyer will also pay land department transfer fee. This fee will be 4% of the property value you buy. There will be a small admin fee of around 300-580 dirhams.

Investor will pay it as a market practice but technically it.

What is trustee office fee

The land department trustee office will demand this fee for transferring the property. The buyer will go for one day at the office for this transfer . this fee Is 4000 dirhams plus VAT.  This for the property value over than five hundred dirhams. If the property value is less than its 200 dirhams plus VAT. These fees are the main costs to pay while buying or selling property in Dubai.

What is the smartest move to be made?

 If you invest before researching in the, market you can end up paying more money than you should. For time saving and energy saving also, you can buy property from trusted projects that are well reputed in the market. One of such projects Sobha Forest Villas.  this

The most upscale constructions at Sobha Hartland are Forest Villas. With contemporary comforts available anywhere, Forest Villas embrace the delight of outdoor living in a distinctive way. An ultra-private feeling unparalleled anyplace else is created by the gated community’s captivating vistas of the forest and lush greenery!

In addition to this, Forest offers unique features like floor-to-ceiling windows to let in the breathtaking views of the nearby woodland. Ingeniously fusing the best of modern design  

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