Common Printing Methods Used For Metal Name Tags

When running a business, or just trying to give your event that extra oomph, metal name tags have a critical role. They not only help identify staff and event attendees. They help provide higher levels of security and let people know that you take your brand seriously, something that plain sticker tags sometimes fail to convey.

However, writing on metal surfaces can be challenging, and there are factors like surface finishes or whether you want permanent or removable markings that need to be considered before committing.

So, we´re going to go over both options and give you our final recommendation.

Removable Markings For Metal Name Tags
These are options that work if you have high-quality reusable name badges.

Steelwriter Pens
These are the best options for marking your metal badges, especially if they are high quality and non-porous. Some brands offer non-toxic and environmentally friendly options that allow you to use your limited metal name tags as unique canvases that you can customize using bright and eye-catching colors. Make sure they use removable ink that can be easily cleaned off and won´t leave stains.

Permanent Markers
Not the best option for metal name tags, but can be a life saver in case you run out of options. These are not designed to write on metal, and the markings can be difficult to remove. Additionally, the colors are not as vibrant as more specialized tools. Use at your discretion.

If you´re skilled in the art of painting, you can use paint directly onto your metal name badges. However, paint is not easy to remove, will eventually chip off, and is inconvenient if you need to change the information on your metal name badges often.

Name Badge Printing
This is a method that has been gaining traction over the years as printing techniques and materials have improved to the point where they now look and feel extremely professional. Specialized providers like Imprint Plus create rust-proof aluminum plates with different finishes, hues, and shapes, adapted to your specific needs. They offer cost-effective solutions that allow you to design and assemble high-quality metal name tags with your printer. This is a time saver for those who have a design in mind but want to have their options open as guest lists are still being filled. Their insert sheets are reprintable and are available for inkjet and laser printers for added reusability and sustainability. They also provide a polycarbonate lens cover that protects the name tag and adds aesthetic value.

Permanent Markings
If you plan on using your metal name tags for a long time, you need professional methods that not only give you enhanced definition but also durability and resistance to wear.

This is usually a good option as it allows you to print logos and serial numbers while retaining readability. However, laser printing usually involves expensive processes and it might take a while to get your products printed.

A durable option but it requires specialized tools. The problem with engraving is that designs cannot be modified ex-post, and the results are often difficult to read or recognize.

Letter Punching
This is an alternative to engraving as you use letter molds that are hammered into your metal name tag. You can order mold letters online and do the whole process yourself, but results may vary wildly depending on your skills.

Acid Etching
A complicated and dangerous process that involves the use of toxic chemicals. Not recommended for DIYers.

UV Printing
This is the best option for those who want high-quality results, brighter colors, sleek finishes, and that luxury look that leaves a lasting impression. Imprint Plus takes care of printing and assembling your name badges for added quality and convenience. They use thick aluminum back plates that are incredibly durable and bend resistant.

If you want to give your event or brand that added level of professionalism, we recommend visiting Imprint Plus. Start designing high-quality and reusable metal name tags that last.

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