Clip In extensions Vs Sew In- Which is better?

Are you confused between clip ins & sew in ? Are you are not able to choose the best for yourself? Well, If you can’t decide between clip extensions and sew in, let us help you. 

Let’s look at the comparison between the hair extensions clip ons & sew in to see which one is ideal for you. We have defined both with their main differences & our final verdict.

Read on to find out.

What Are clip Ins?

Learn More About Clip Ins
Learn More About Clip Ins

Clip ins are the best for you if you want to add length & volume to hair in a jiffy. They are held in place using gentle pressure-sensitive clips on your hair. The coolest part about hair extensions clip ins is that you can  remove them whenever and anywhere you want.

Hair extensions clip ons  are available in a wide range of colors, from bright to dark, as well as a variety of textures and lengths to satisfy various style demands. They can be crafted form both real human hair as well as synthetic fibre that mimics real hair.

What Is Sew In?

You can add length, volume, and texture to your hair in a semi-permanent manner using sew in extensions AKA weave. Your hair is first braided into cornrows & sewn with the hair using a wig cap & a weave needle and thread. 

Weave hair comes in varieties of colors like sew in extensions black in curly/wavy texture or blonde in straight or coily versions. Real hair extensions sew in are known for blending in with your natural hair & best for protective styles for hair growth. Because of their flawless finish, it is quite popular among black women & others.

Difference Between Clip Ins & Sew In

Which One Is Better?
Which One Is Better?

Lets begin the ultimate battle of which one is better: clip ins or sew in by sorting out the basic difference between these two extensions with on 5 different parameters below.

ParametersClip ExtensionsReal Hair Extensions Sew In
TypeIt is temporary kind of extension, perfect for women who want short term hair commitmentIt is semi-permanent hair extension for women who don’t mind long term hair commitment.
Installation Time Add volume & length in a minute. Just insert the clip & press to secure.The installation takes anywhere between 3-6 hrs & retouch in 6-8 weeks depending on your hair growth. 
CostInexpensive as there is no installation charge. The only time you pay is when you purchase a good set of clip extensions.Expensive as there are installation charges, re-touch & also needs more maintenance.
Styling OptionsLimited to low buns, half-ups & open-hairstyles. Unlimited styling options based on the braid patterns and also helps in hair growth.
LongetivityYou can remove them from your head when ever you want & with proper care a good set of clip ons last for more than a year with regular use.If you ask how long do sew in hair extensions last, you can use the same set of hair upto a year & more with some TLC.

Final Verdict

Visit True Glory Hair For Best Of Clip Ins & Sew In
Visit True Glory Hair For Best Of Clip Ins & Sew In

If you want a one-time style choice for a particular occasion like a wedding or music festival, clip ins are your best options.

If you wish to preserve your natural hair from heat while it grows underneath undamaged, sew in should be your first choice. 

Remember Your hairstyle, hair goals, level of dedication, and budget all play a role!


If you have decided what you want, find the both type at True Glory Hair & select the one right away! 

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