Choosing a unique wedding cake for special day

Marriage day is a special day for all the persons and they like to make it unique and memorable for them as well as to others. For this day, you select best dress, best arrangements and also unique wedding cake. For cake also, you choose design and flavor, to match with your theme and your personality. There is some more, which can be added to this cake and increases its uniqueness, is wedding cake topper. With addition of wedding cake topper, wedding cake is completely transformed and becomes special. If these cake toppers are made as per your wish, you can order it, as custom wedding cake toppers. Wedding cake toppers are available in different shapes and sizes and forms, and as per your wedding theme and interest, you can decide the type of cake topper.

Way to add your personal style

You can add a touch of your style to your wedding and by adding wedding bobbleheads cake toppers to your wedding cake, can make your wedding day very different and special. There are several types of cake toppers, such as fancy cake toppers, bride and groom cake toppers and custom wedding cake toppers. Actually, a cake topper is a finish to your cake, similar to the crown on Queen’s head. To give a personalize touch, you can ask wedding planner or baker, about your interest, before the wedding. Cake may be transported to the venue, with or without topper, depending upon the size of the cake. Cake topper is meant to be kept at the top of the cake during the wedding and after wedding it can be used as decorative item or memento.

How to choose wedding cake topper?

In previous years, traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers were popular, but in recent years, trend is changed. Cake topper for wedding is chosen to represent both of you as couple, and modern cake toppers are stylish and personalized, also it may show the common interests of bride and groom. It can be floral pieces, monograms or laser etched designs, another option for cake topper is styling after favorite pet or movie. Size of the cake topper also matters, and it should be according to the size of the cake. Cake topper should not be so big, that it will overshadow the cake. Size of the cake topper should complement the cake in design, color and proportion, and should be relative to size of the cake.

Wedding cake toppers can be selected from certain ideas already available, such as, cake toppers with animals, cake topper with birds, Cake toppers with favorite heroes and cute characters, Cake toppers for rustic wedding, cake topper for desert chic wedding, romantic bride and groom figures, etc. Another way to make unique cake topper for groom and bride is to make it by yourself. You can create a monogram on paper or a design can be etched out on corks, to make an unforgettable cake topper. As wedding bobbleheads can be a unique gift in wedding, a different cake topper will also have the impact of uniqueness to your wedding.

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