Choosing a Custom Hair Replacement System

You may want to choose a custom hair replacement system based on your particular needs. If you have been experiencing hair loss for some time, the most popular options include Virtuesse, OneHead Hair Solutions, and Reallusions. You can also choose a system designed by Cesare Ragazzi to match your lifestyle. But how can you know which is the best system for your needs? Here are some tips for selecting a custom hair replacement system:


A real hair replacement system can be undetectable, which makes it an excellent choice for women who suffer from thinning or baldness. Made of natural Euro-texture human hair, the system blends seamlessly with existing hair. As a result, the system is undetectable, and the hair looks and feels like your own. A real hair replacement system will not leave any visible scalp, and can even be used to recreate a natural frontal hairline. It can also provide additional hair for full hair replacement.

Reclusions Custom Hair Replacement systems are created by Transitions International, the leading organization dedicated to hair prosthesis worldwide. This system guarantees a noticeable increase in hair density, and is lightweight and virtually carefree. The system’s skin-like base provides a seamless transition between your own hair and the added hair. The new hair will appear just like your own, and a careful eye or touch will not be able to tell the difference.


The Virtuesse custom hair replacement system offers women a state-of-the-art hair replacement solution that can restore full locks and the style they desire. Since Virtuesse is made entirely of human hair, the system has been designed to mimic the growth patterns of real hair and can be invisible to the naked eye. Its thin base is undetectable to the human touch and is designed to be smooth and comfortable to wear. Moreover, this system is easy to style and maintain just like your own.

A women can choose a wig that resembles their natural hair color, style, and thickness to replace their thinning hair. This system is undetectable and can be worn anywhere. Women can use it during exercise sessions, on television, and in interviews. Women can wear their new hair to a job interview and feel comfortable in any setting. In addition to regrowing their own hair, they can recreate their favorite hairstyle and color with Virtuesse.

OneHead Hair Solutions

A custom hair replacement system is a natural alternative to surgery for hair loss. Unlike hair pieces made of synthetic materials, OneHead hairpieces are made from high-quality human hair. This means they look, feel, and behave like your own. The OneHead hairpiece system integrates with your natural hairline and texture. You can choose the style of hairpieces that best suits your lifestyle and personality.

Cesare Ragazzi

The Cesare Ragazzi custom hair replacement system is one of the most advanced hair replacement systems available today. The hair system is a completely natural looking device that can be worn over the existing hair, without the need for any surgical procedures. A Cesare Ragazzi system is made from 100% human hair that has never been processed, colored, or bleached. It also stays in place and looks completely natural. There are several advantages to using this system over other hair replacement options.

The Cesare Ragazzi CNC hair system is the first and only custom hair system to use human hair. The hair is 100% human and made from European virgin unprocessed hair. It is made to mimic the appearance of natural hair, while ensuring that the user has full control over the style and color. The system has been dermatologically tested and uses the finest European virgin human hair to replicate real hair. Unlike other hair loss solutions, the Cesare Ragazzi custom hair replacement system has minimal to no maintenance and is made to last a lifetime.

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