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ChARM Health is a cloud-based electronic health record management system. It offers telehealth, integrates with immunization registries, and is HIPAA compliant. In this ChARMHealth EHR review, we’ll look at some of its most popular features and how they work to make your practice more efficient. If you’re thinking of switching to CharmHealth, you may be wondering which of its features is best for you.

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ChARM Health is a cloud-based electronic health record management solution

CharmHealth is a cloud-based electronic medical record management solution that offers comprehensive practice management and EHR functionality. It also includes medical billing and practice management features to keep healthcare organizations running smoothly. CharmHealth’s features include integrated patient intake forms, natural language processing, multi-specialty templates, e-Rx for controlled substances, referral modules, inventory management, and document management. CharmHealth also has integrated communication with care providers.

The Charm Health ecosystem is built on mobile apps, add-ons, and FHIR APIs. It also provides a patient portal that facilitates secure messaging between Practices and patients. The Patient portal enables patients to view information, make payments, schedule appointments, and receive personalized reminders. Its customer support is based in the UK, so you may not get an immediate response to your questions.

It is HIPAA compliant

Charmhealth EHR is certified HIPAA compliant, ensuring that it meets strict privacy and security standards. The company operates a tier three plus data center with a disaster recovery site, and all of its servers are hosted at a HIPAA-compliant service provider. The company also follows a number of other security protocols to ensure the integrity of patient information. Those with HIPAA-related concerns can contact the company for a live demonstration.

CharmHealth EMR Software is HIPAA-compliant and MU Stage 3-2015 Edition certified. The software’s document management module enables you to group and organize documents, and it integrates with accounting software to make it easy to keep track of patient financials. Additionally, CharmHealth EMR software has a round-the-clock customer support team, making it easy for practices to get help no matter what time of day or night.

It offers telehealth

CharmHealth EHR software is a cloud-based electronic health record that includes patient management, practice management, and telehealth services. This EHR is highly configurable and comes with unlimited users, E-prescriptions, and billing profiles. There are also free and paid plans available, but the free plan only allows one user and a single practice. The paid plans come with unlimited users and feature sets, and are designed for general practices and larger practices.

The Charmhealth EHR also includes robust document management capabilities. This means that users can easily upload x-rays, consent forms, handouts, and other documents. Moreover, the system offers easy file grouping and customization to suit the specific needs of each medical practice. Charmhealth also lets patients track their own wellness goals, make online appointments, access lab results, and a patient portal. In addition to this, the software is designed to integrate with patient-facing software.

It integrates with immunization registries

Using Surescripts as your data source for a comprehensive immunization registry is a great way to streamline your data collection process. Surescripts is the largest network of health information providers and has recently added four national chain pharmacies and three vendors of electronic health records to its roster. The Surescripts platform also integrates with 44 state and regional immunization registries, which covers 88 percent of the U.S. population.

IIS is a database-driven immunization registry system that is used by many government agencies, both locally and abroad. It meets strict standards for immunization tracking and provides a high degree of extensibility and customization. In addition to WebIZ, Envision has developed a suite of complementary products that further extend its power and empower public health staff to manage vaccine-preventable diseases.

It is device-agnostic

ChARM health EHR software is device-agnostic, meaning that it works on any computer or mobile device with a web browser. Its user-friendly interface is also compatible with multiple platforms, making it ideal for telehealth practices. The software also supports a wide range of patient devices, such as digital scales. In addition, it’s HIPAA-compliant and has several integrations to complement its medical practice management capabilities.

The Cloud-based, device-agnostic, and HIPAA-compliant CharmHealth EMR Software works on all types of mobile devices. It can be customized for each individual physician, as well as provide information on patient engagement tools and patient health portals. With the document management module, you can also store patient records and view claims, collections, receivables, and denials.

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