Chalkboard Walls 101:  A Quick Guide

Chalkboard paint is an easy DIY that may help with anything from grocery shopping (note down whatever you need on the top of the cupboard door) to create a drawing wall for your kids. However, you may be questioning what precisely chalkboard painting is. It’s a flat matte pigment that exists in a range of colors and could be used to turn any surface into a chalkboard. It’s the ideal material for a variety of jobs around the house and in business.

How to Make a Chalkboard

Chalkboard wall paints are a type of paint that transforms any surface into a written and rewritable chalkboard. Ordinary matte black paint may also be used, but chalkboard wall paint sets faster and also have a grittier texture that is easier to write on with chalk. A cleaner surface is better for chalkboard wall paint. If your surfaces are textured, sandpaper must be used to smooth and prepare the area prior to painting.

For your chalkboard task, use ultra-matte paint. The first crucial step is to apply an ultra-matte chalky finishing. The chalky surface makes it easy for the chalk to sit on the surface and for erasing to take place.

Painting Techniques

If you’re planning to paint with blackboard paint, give it at least 3 days to cure before you start scribbling on it. I’d also suggest applying at least 2 coats of chalkboard paint, allowing each coat to dry in between. When the color is completely dried, we recommend rubbing powdered chalk over it and wiping it with a clean towel to create it a “chalky” feel.

Chalkboard wall paint exists in a number of colors, so don’t feel obligated to choose the typical black. Switch things up with a darker green, like an old primary school blackboard, or a brighter hue.

Also, avoid using topcoats or sealants. No topcoat or wax should be applied to the board. If you really want the board to be dry erase, use classic chalk pens or chalk sticks instead of paint pens!

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Ideas for Using Chalkboard Wall Paint at Home

Make a customized mask holder for your mudroom using blackboard paint if you’re seeking for some home decor ideas. To make a bespoke mask holder for your mudroom, attach some ornamental hangers and your preferred picture frame, then paint the interior of the frame using chalkboard wall paints.

Then, over each person’s allotted hook, write their initials so you will never leave the house without it! Alternatively, you can make a custom (and customizable) headboard for your baby’s crib. Allow your child to express their creativity by decorating the headboard of their beds with chalkboard painting and allowing them to personalize it.

A DIY Bistro Menu is another inventive idea. You can make a bistro-inspired menu to post in your dining room or kitchen with just an old picture frame and your favorite color of chalkboard paint. If you don’t want to use chalk, consider painting wooden beads with chalkboard pigments to make your own vividly colored bracelet set.

Another interesting way to use the color is to cover an entire wall with a chalkboard coat to give your youngster a never-ending playground. To make this, all you need now is a drop cloth, some painting materials, and a child with a lot of imagination.

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