Can a Psychologist Help in Dealing with Alcohol Abuse Problems?

Alcohol abuse or alcoholism can be a serious problem to deal with! Help may be needed to wean you off the addictive substance and some forms of support group interventions like AA meetings would be required for additional assistance. Psychologists may also be engaged for sure-shot results. Before trying to address the problem, however, understanding the core reasons responsible for alcoholism or problem drinking is important. We take a look here.

What could be the Reasons Responsible for Problem Drinking?

Problem drinking can have many causes, simple and complex. Often it is a concoction of psychological, physiological, and social factors that are responsible for this kind of behavior. 

Psychological Causes: Some of the more common causes in this category include low self-esteem, impulsiveness, and a pressing need for approval. All of these can propel one towards inappropriate drinking habits. Drinking for dealing with emotional issues is also common. 

Social and Environmental Causes: Social causes like easy access to alcohol and peer pressure could be predominant reasons responsible for the abuse. Alcohol dependence can also be caused by sexual or physical abuse, poverty, and similar challenging circumstances. Childhood trauma has emerged as a major cause responsible for substance abuse in youths. Most people seeking help at alcoholics’ anonymous meetings are youngsters! 

Genetic Causes: Genetic factors are also responsible for alcohol dependence. Contrary to popular myths, those who can withstand high volumes of alcohol without getting drunk are actually at a higher risk! However, just because there has been alcoholism in the family does not mean that children will also turn out to be alcoholics. Similarly, just because there hasn’t been a case of alcoholism in the family does not mean no one will be into alcohol abuse in the years to come. 

Heavy drinking can be a perpetuating problem. Once people begin drinking excessively, there will be physiological changes that lead to more drinking. Many times, alcoholics continue to drink more and more only to avoid withdrawal symptoms. If such is the case, it is indeed time to look out for an “AA meeting near me”!

Dealing with Alcoholism with AAs and Psychologist Intervention

Psychologists are trained and experienced in catering to victims of alcohol abuse. He can

  1. Guide friends and family members of the victim to help in enhancing the motivation of the drinker for change. This can happen even before the drinker recognizes his abuse pattern as a real “problem”. Help can begin at home even without the victim knowing that he has been subjected to therapy. 
  2. Once the drinker is brought to the forefront, the professional can assess the degree and type of the problem. The results offer preliminary guidance as to what treatment should be sought. This way, early help can be sought for better results. 
  3. Psychologists can help introduce the drinker to self-help programs like an AA meeting in Colorado for instance! They can help victims use the sobriety calculator for self-assessment.

Self-help support groups play a major role in boosting motivation for refraining from alcohol. They also help in successfully identifying circumstances that can cause triggers and also coping with risky drinking situations. They also provide the required assistance for developing social systems within communities. Tokei

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