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Hair, whether straightened, pinned, twisted, or tied up, is quite intimate to you and an important aspect of your individuality. Hair is synonymous with femininity and self-worth in women, but what happens if you lose it due to excessive heat-styling or coloring? Wigs, hair extensions, and hairpieces can assist women experiencing hair thinning to recover confidence and feel great.

This blog will teach you about the best virgin hair extensions and wigs that you can get at competitive prices and their features in India. 

The Best Hair Extensions And Wigs In India 

Whether you want to add volume to your hair or conceal hair thinning, there are many temporary original hair extensions and lace front wigs. The following are the best of the best virgin hair extensions and wigs in India that you can shop online or in-store at the best prices! 

10-Piece Clip-In Set 


The gorgeous and easy-to-install 10-Piece Clip-In Set adds mesmerizing volume and length to your hair in no time. Since these original hair extensions are made with virgin hair, they will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. You can even wear it in a slimmer portion and add volume where needed!


  • The 10-Piece extensions are available in straight textures, which you can heat-style to easily achieve curly and wavy hairstyles. 
  • You can choose from 5 gorgeous lengths and 24 gorgeous colors!
  • Extremely easy to use. 

5-Clip Ear-To-Ear Volumizer 

This single-piece 5-Clip Ear-To-Ear Volumizer is the best alternative if you only require volume or length at the back. It blends seamlessly and provides you with the desired results every time. Its simple installation eliminates the need to seek professionals and saves time! Unlike other extensions, the volumizing extension has only 5 clips, making you ready for any occasion in minutes. The 5-Clip Volumizer starts from Rs. 11 900 and is one of the best investments you can make. 


  • The volumizing extension is available in 6 lengths and 13 colors to make your styling easier and more exciting. 
  • The extension offers ear-to-ear coverage.
  • It is free of tangles and long-lasting. 

Clip-In Ponytail Hair Extension 

You no longer have to put up with limp ponytail hairstyles! Give your ponytail hairstyles the oomph it deserves using Clip-In Ponytail Extension. The three clips installed to the lace base make installation simple. The ponytail comes with a wrap-around velcro to offer you the greatest look at Rs. 6,900 only! 


  • Available in a straight texture, 21 colors, and 20 inches. 
  • The installation is quick, easy, and pain-free. You don’t need a stylist to install or remove the Clip-In Ponytail Hair Extension. 
  • These ponytail extensions are durable and easy to maintain, ensuring longevity. 

LUXE 10-Piece Clip-In Set 

No other virgin hair extensions come close to LUXE 10-Piece Clip-In Set. The supple waves of the luxurious clip-ins add instant length and volume to your hair and make blending a dream. For Rs. 19,900, you may flaunt a machine-made weft extension that is tangle-free, gives stability, and instantly transforms your style.


  • The LUXE 10-Piece Clip-In Set is easy to use and has 10 wefts in various sizes to add volume where needed. 
  • It is available in one length and 12 colors. You can heat-style and treat it like your natural hair. 
  • It’s easy to maintain and extremely durable. You can expect it to last over 2 years with adequate care. 

Tapered 5-Clip Ear-To-Ear Volumizer 

The stunning Tapered 5-Clip Ear-To-Ear Volumizer blends seamlessly with your hair, creating the appropriate volume and style. The contoured 5 clip volumizer, made of 100% human hair, provides quick thickness and length, making you ready for occasions in minutes. You can color, style, and treat it the way you want. 


  • One of the most budget-friendly clip-in virgin hair extensions on the market. At Rs. 5,900, you can get the volumizing extension in 1B color and 18 inches. 
  • The 5 pressure-sensitive clips provide stability and ear-to-ear coverage. 
  • You can use heat-styling tools to create the curls and waves of your dreams! 

Keratin Hair Extensions 

Are you looking for permanent hair extensions online? These Keratin-bond hair extensions are small strands of unprocessed human hair. Keratin extensions are held together using keratin sealant microbeads at each strand’s base rather than tape or glue. 


  • Keratin hair extensions are low-maintenance and provide one of the most natural results! 
  • These virgin hair extensions are fully versatile, and you can flaunt updos while maintaining a natural appearance. 
  • With colored keratin extensions, you can experiment with new colors without putting your hair through any harsh chemicals!  

Lace Front Wig 

Now, if you are experiencing hair thinning or desire complete coverage without the hassle of installing clips Lace Front Wig is the choice for you. The hand-knotted lace material mimics hair growing from your scalp and allows easy parting. 

The Lace Front Wig is made with 100% human hair, and the amount of volume and body it provides is unbelievable! 

Lace front wigs are available in 7 lengths and wavy textures. The wigs start from Rs. 16,900 and go up to Rs. 28,000 based on the length. 


  • You can get the Wavy Lace Front Wig in either Brazilian or Indian Remy hair. Both are great if you enjoy sporting hairstyles in varying textures. 
  • The unit is made of 100% human hair, and you can color, curl or straighten the wavy texture to achieve the desired look. 
  • If you are ever stuck between Human hair & synthetic wigs, choose human hair wigs! They are free of tangles and extremely durable with proper hair care. 

Machine-Made Wig 

Machine-made wigs are ones that are created by utilizing a machine to sew the strands on the wig cap as well as the hair tracks. They are one of the best methods for adding length and volume and concealing hair thinning. Made with 100% human hair, the Machine-Made Wig is durable, and you don’t need glue or tape for installation. 


  • Compared to lace front wigs, machine-made units are beginner-friendly and do not require adhesive installation. 
  •  Like lace fronts, you can also use heat-styling tools to create waves and curls on machine-made wigs. 
  • Machine-made units are inexpensive, costs Rs. 16,100 for an 18-inch wig, and are sturdy and durable.  


You can get these 8 best clip-in extensions and wigs in India at competitive prices. As mentioned earlier, hair wigs and extensions allow women to regain confidence and feel better! So, what are you waiting for? Head to Diva Divine’s store or visit their online website for wigs and temporary and permanent hair extensions! All of Diva Divine’s products are made with 100% Indian human hair and offer an ultra-lux look and feel! 

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