Braces and aligners – understand the differences and how to choose!

The need to start orthodontic treatment is always accompanied by doubts and some decisions, such as choosing between metal braces and aligners. Both present good results, but how to decide which of these devices is the best in each case?

So that this choice can be made in a conscious way, it is important to have the help of a good orthodontist. However, as the patient’s preferences are also considered, it is really worth knowing these two options in depth. So, your opinion is all based on good arguments, do you agree?

Is there a difference between braces and aligners?

With the evolution of orthodontics in recent years, several braces options have emerged to correct misalignments and other dental problems. Therefore, those who are going to start this type of treatment can choose between appliances and aligners, which brings more tranquility.

In terms of effectiveness, these two options do not differ from each other. Both provide excellent functional and aesthetic results. They are great and very suitable for fixing problems, from the simplest to the most complex.

Despite this, braces and aligners are different mainly in terms of structure. Starting with the fact that the devices are usually fixed, but there are also some mobile models. In the case of aligners, they are always mobile.

Another difference is in the way braces and aligners are made. In the first case, we use several components. In the second, we have a whole device. There is also variation in the materials used.

“In general, the fixed is made of metals or ceramic, in the case of aesthetic fixed. The aligner is made of a smart material that is flexible and hard at the same time to allow treatment.”

As for maintenance, there are also differences, and the specialist explains it better: “the fixed has a monthly maintenance. The self-ligating type makes maintenance more flexible, reaching up to 45 days, depending on the wire that is changed. With the aligner, you give up being at the dentist every month”.

Difference in Price Aligner & Braces?

That difference in braces price in Pakistan exists, yes. In general, metallic appliances are the most affordable, followed by aesthetic and self-ligating ones. With the technology involved, aligners are priced a little higher.

But it is important for you to understand the cost-benefit between each type. After all, if you don’t want aesthetic impact or need faster treatment, the aligner becomes an excellent option!

What are the particularities and characteristics of each one?

You’ve seen that there are several differences between braces and aligners, but what are the particularities of each of them? In this topic, we answer that question. Follow along to check out the features of each one!

Braces characteristics:

There are fixed and mobile device models . Fixed ones are used to make dental movements. Furniture, on the other hand, are almost always expanders, which help to increase the space in the mouth, or containment devices, used after finishing the treatment. In the case of fixed, there is the traditional metallic option and more modern devices, as the specialist says.

“The devices have been advancing with technology. We have the fixed one, the one with the rubber. It has the self-ligating one, without the rubber — it still has a bracket with the little metal door, the wire slides through it and brings it faster. Along with the self-ligating, the wire also changed, which is thermoactivated, that is, it expands and contracts at a certain temperature.”

Appliances can be aesthetic. In this case, instead of metallic brackets, they are made of materials with a similar shade to enamel, which make the device more discreet. They can be made of polycarbonate, porcelain or sapphire.

All appliances composed of brackets, whether metallic or aesthetic, need to be glued to the teeth. They remain in the mouth from the beginning to the end of the treatment and cannot be removed by the patient.

Features of aligners

Orthodontic aligners are also known as clear braces or invisible braces. The name is given because of the material with which they are made, as it has a transparency that leaves the teeth in evidence.

This is one of the positive aspects of aligners, as they do not impact the smile because they do not contain the parts that other devices contain. In addition, they have the great advantage of being mobile, so the patient can remove them from their mouths at mealtimes and to clean their teeth .

The orthodontist explains that, in the treatment with this type of device, a digital planning is carried out, and the patient can already know his new smile by checking how it will look after the corrections have been carried out. After all, software is used to do this planning, which shows how the teeth will look at each stage.

Based on this project, different clear braces are made that stimulate tooth movement. As they happen, the aligners are changed. That way, you don’t have to do monthly maintenance, as you just follow the schedule established by the orthodontist and change the plate at home.

“Those who choose the aligner know what to expect and change the plates every scheduled period. It also brings a lot of comfort and maintenance is more relaxed, you won’t use new wires, as with brackets”, emphasizes the orthodontist. In addition, aligners can be used in different types of orthodontics , and can be an option for adolescents and adults.

What type of treatment is each suitable for?

According to the specialist, braces and aligners are used in a very similar way. The restriction in relation to the use of aligners is only given in the rarest and most complex cases.

“They all, fixed, self-ligating and aligning, do the same things and work the same. It is very rare not to be able to treat with an aligner. Only in specific cases — for example, when the patient has a missing tooth in the roof of the mouth or the tooth is turned 180 degrees.”

In addition, both devices fix simple and complex problems. What may vary is the degree of difficulty of the movements and the time it will take to achieve the desired results. All this is calculated by the orthodontist to define what is best for the patient.

In any case, braces and aligners make corrections in cases of:

  • dental misalignments;
  • bite changes;
  • spaces between teeth;
  • dental crowding;
  • teeth with turns, among others.

It is possible to use both for preventive orthodontics, and both are used in the orthodontic retention phase , to prevent problems that have already been corrected from returning. But containment can also be done with mobile devices.

How to choose the ideal model for me?

There is no rule to choose the ideal model. “This choice can be made together, when there is the possibility of using one or the other – which happens most of the time. It is interesting to analyze the question of time, cost-benefit and comfort.

Thus, the patient can count on the help of the orthodontist to evaluate the characteristics of his case and define which is the best device, the one that will guarantee good aesthetic results and still protect oral health.

But as the orthodontist explains, it is possible to choose more than one model of device. If this happens to you, to choose the one that best suits your needs, consider a few factors, such as:

  • aesthetic impact of the device;
  • comfort during treatment;
  • duration of the procedure with each device;
  • necessary investment.

Knowing the characteristics of braces and aligners , and counting on the support of a good dentist, you will choose the ideal device and perform an effective treatment. Thus, you can achieve great aesthetic and functional results to make your smile perfect.

At Ensmile, you will find a team of specialists to take care of your smile, not to mention the Ensmile aligners, which is the transparent aligner developed by the clinic network itself. This greatly facilitates the agility of making the pieces, for example, not to mention that the costs are all in Real.

So, contact us and schedule an evaluation ! So you start your treatment as soon as possible!

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