Easy Tips to Remove Body Wave without Damaging your Hair

No one would deny the shared love for body wave hair extensions, whether it be the magnificent volume, length, or even the change in appearance that provides us an added confidence boost. The removal of hair extensions can occasionally be a bit complicated, even though they can be lovely and make you feel attractive on the inside and the outside. 

Additionally, if we don’t correctly remove them, we risk ruining our body wave extensions or damaging our natural hair, neither of which we desire! Therefore, we’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how you may safely and correctly remove your extensions without worrying so that you can prevent the terrible pain of destroying expensive hair extensions. Let’s get going!

Removing Sew-In Body Wave Hair Extensions 

Sew-in body wave
Sew-in body wave 

To remove the sew-in body wave hair extensions, it is always recommended to seek a professional stylist for your installation and the removal of your hair extensions. This is because you will have to sew the weft onto your braided hair; without help, it can be a little harder to obtain the look you want! 

  • You can split the half of your hair that is a body wave extension into a separate ponytail and pull all of your hair up in a bun.
  • Locate the thread’s end, then carefully cut the thread. You can locate the stitching by running your fingers along the line of your scalp. Snip as slowly as possible because it is incredibly simple to accidentally cut your natural hair! 
  • After that, remove the last bit of thread from your scalp. While the other hand gently undoes the remaining thread, use one hand to retain your natural hair to prevent any uncomfortable tugging or breaking. 
  • Once all of the hair’s thread has been cut out, keep doing this. After that, untangle your hair with a comb, carefully removing all the synthetic material. You are now done!

Removing Tape-In Body Wave Hair Extensions 

Tape in body wave hair extensions
Tape in body wave hair extensions 

The tape in body waves hair extensions is easier to remove and install, although if you want a flawless look, it is recommended to visit a salon. 

  • Put your body waves hair up in manageable parts.
  • Apply oil to the areas where your hair has extensions and leave it on for 15 minutes. The oil aids in glue or tape’s chemical bond breakdown, making removing it much simpler. You can use any oil you like, coconut, almond, olive, or baby oil.
  • Apply conditioner and wrap your hair in a towel to absorb any remaining oil after rinsing your hair to remove the oil.
  • Rinse, lather, and repeat until all the adhesives have been eliminated.

Removing Clip-In Body Wave Hair Extensions 

Clip in body wave hair extensions
Clip in body wave hair extensions 

Removing and installing the clip in body wave hair extensions is easy as clips are installed onto the wefts, making it easier for you to snap away and get the look you desire.

  • ​​Start by dividing your natural body waves hair into sections above the ears and at the crown, away from the first portion of extensions on the back of the head.
  • Remove one clip at a time while moving slowly. To prevent tension or breakage, press your natural hair firmly against your scalp.
  • Work in parts to avoid overworking your natural hair or getting the clips tangled and make it easier to keep track of each extension.
  • If you’re having problems, spray leave-in conditioner on the clip. Lightly wetting your natural hair and slowly combing it through will help you remove the extension without discomfort if it is somewhat snarled or attached. Then it’s over, and you’re done!


Body wave hairstyles extensions are the best kind of hair extensions that will give you the right amount of texture and shine on your hair. Whether you want to install them or remove them, for the sew-in body waves hair extensions and the tape-in body waves hair extensions, it is always better to go with a professional stylist and get it done. For the clip-ins, you can do it by yourself. So, follow these methods and always slay your looks! 

For the finest quality body waves hair extensions, you can always check out True Glory Hair’s collection, as they are some of the premium hair that will make you fall in love with it all the time. 

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