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Are you thinking about a pet bird or parrot? Consider adoption instead of buying a brand-new bird from a pet store or breeder. There are many birds at adoption centers and bird sanctuaries. If you have the right techniques as well as the right equipment and patience you can bring these birds home to become a family members.

What Should I Do If I Decide To Adopt A Parrot

If you are considering adopting a bird you must be prepared to undergo an elaborate process of information than if you were purchasing birds. Purple Birds This is because an excellent adoption center will not wish to give you an animal that you’ll be returning due to reasons other than the reason that it was abandoned initially.

A great example of the process that you have to go through can be observed by looking at Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, one of the biggest bird rescue organizations in California. Their website,, describes the criteria they apply in adopting one of their birds that they have rescued. Here are a few examples.

Why Do Birds Get Put Up to be Adopted

Many people with good intentions purchase the pet bird they want at random or without a clear knowledge of the care and costs needed for the most likely lengthy period of time. Parrots typically live for more than 20 years, while some have lives that exceed 50 years. They are the reason that No Feather Left Behind Avian Rescue group lists these as among the main reasons why people are forced to part with their beloved parrots.

Bright red, bright blue and green form the majority of the bird’s feathers. They’re large and powerful with beaks.These bird species can become quite loudand, in accordance with, even properly cared for birds can be prone to screaming. Be prepared to wake up often enough to shout early in the morning. Harlequin Macaws are able to emulate human voice and become extremely proficient at speaking but with a very limited vocabulary. Below is a clip that shows the vocal skills of a Harlequin while driving a car.

What are the benefits of adopting than purchasing

While trade in wild-caught animals is no longer a popular option, however, there’s plenty of birds available from breeders. They are readily available at pet stores and through communication with the breeder. This creates a situation in which people are attracted by babies birds at pet stores but then realize at some point that they’ve made a mistake and need to abandon their pet.

Rescue and adoption groups for parrots will try their best to determine if you’re a good match to the animal you’re interested in adopting. They might try to convince you off taking the bird until they’re confident that you’re able to give the proper care and attention that it requires. Are Bats Birds  Trustworthy organizations are eager to ensure a successful match, and can help you select a species or maybe even a particular bird that is compatible with your family and circumstance.

In many instances, the birds taken to an adoption center could have issues with their diet. The center will attempt to correct this issue and, by the time you take your bird home there’s a high chance it will eat the healthy diet in contrast to the diet based on seeds that is available to pets like parrots.

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