Beginners skateboards should be chosen right

Skateboarding is full of fun, especially for adventurers and thrill-seekers. One also needs to practice for years to master the skill of riding a skateboard. If one is a beginner, then it is not only important to know how to use the board but it is also crucial to purchase a skateboard that matches the requirements.

Apart from 22 inch skateboards, there are several kinds of skateboards available in the market and this can be quite intimidating for one to choose the right skateboard. There are quite a few factors that are needed to be considered when buying a skateboard like its type, size, grip, wheels, and more.

How to finalize the right skateboard?

Figure out the type and frequency of usage

We get astonished to see how professional skateboarders are able to do tricks on the boards on roads, parks, and ramps. This is because; they have used a particular kind of skateboard since their beginner days and have practiced on that. Being successful as a skateboarder is dependent on the type of skating they do. If one wants to skate through the town and cruise through the streets then it is a good idea to go for a cruiser, longboard, or a penny board. But if one is more interested in learning tricks, jumps, and flips then one must choose a skateboard that has fewer flat concaves. A standard skateboard is the most basic one and they are quite good for beginners. Beginners can easily start with a cruiser board and then can move to the standard skateboards.

Go for a complete skateboard

There are 2 types of skateboards that one can purchase. The first one is the pre-assembled variety and the other type is a skateboard that is not assembled and one has to be setting them up. The difference between these 2 is that the ride quality varies here. A skateboard that needs to be manually assembled takes some time and energy.

Choose width based on height and shoe size

At the beginner level, one does not have to worry much about the length of the skateboard. But one needs to check the width of it. It has to be dependent on the shoe size that one wears. Most adults would love to go for a board that is wider than 7.5 inches.

Avoid cheap, plastic skateboards

One must avoid buying cheap plastic skateboards because they are not sturdy enough. As they do not have proper balance it can be very difficult to learn to skateboard on them. If one is in a dilemma on what to buy then they can seek help from the sports shop owners as well. Beginners can easily start with a cruiser board and then can move to the standard skateboards.

Get a grip tape

This is a multi-textured tape that generates friction and helps one to ride a skateboard. Sometimes they are attached to the skateboards and sometimes they are not. One needs to check that as well.

penny board 22 inches is also a decent option for one who is trying to learn skateboarding.

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