Basics in Schools And Acquisition Guidelines

Tokyo Jakugi University’s Takahashi Laboratory and Omura Laboratory are presenting a seminar for teachers and educators on the Board of Education to learn about the relevance of the basics and the value of a capacity building in the period. Schools in the year 2022. An online event was hold on February 20, 2014. Participation is entirely free.

The conference will be based on research findings from Education Dojinsha’s collaboration with the Jun Takahashi Laboratory at Gakuin University in Tokyo. Learn how each station is utilize to increase quality and the significance of studying the fundamentals and fundamentals in creating capabilities in the GIGA age.

On the day of the event, Jun Takahashi, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Education at Schools, Tokyo, will speak on “Using a Station per Person to Improve Learning Both “Quality” and “The GIGA School” will be topics of discussion at Associate Professor Rutaro Omura’s presentation. The topic for discussion is “Fundamentals of Competency Development.” “GIGA is a digital teaching material that helps acquire the essentials of school age,” Dojinshaw stated to Koi.

The webinar will be host on Zoom on February 20 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. The subscription is completely free. The Seminar Application Form will be use to submit applications.

Teachers are concerned about child information leaking.

Only 46 percent of teachers and 26 percent of children/students use GIGA stations “every day” in their topic guides, according to the “Awareness Survey on GIGA School Concept” issued by JMC on January 27, 2022. The discovery made this quite evident. Nearly 80% of teachers expressed concern about information security issues due to “knowledge leaking by children or students.”

The School Concept Awareness Survey began on August 10. As a result, on November 30, 2021, an online poll targeting teachers will be conduct. However, the Kanagawa Prefecture Board of Education and public primary and secondary schools. There are 1,437 valid responses.

In their topic standards, 78 percent of teachers and 68 percent of children/students use GIGA stations “at least once a week.” The use of stations is thought to be underway. However, only 46% of teachers and 26% of students use stations. And in their subject teaching every day.

There is insufficient time for training.

The most prevalent issue promoting the use of stations is “not enough time. So for training and self-improvement,” which is cite by 46 percent of respondents. Because follow by “it takes time to learn/I don’t know. So what to use,” which is given by 43 percent, and “I don’t know how to run.” “challenging to use” “33%,” “lack of human support/a system like an ICT support team,” 30%. There isn’t enough time for training and self-improvement to improve ICT facility leadership, and many teachers appear to have issues with operating and utility procedures.

Regarding information security, 78% of respondents stated that children or students leaked information. The rate of “information leaking by teachers” was 58 percent at the time, 42 percent for “unauthorized access from overseas,” and 39 percent for “virus infection.” She discovered that Students were more conscious of school-concealed hazards than external threats.

Learning outside of the classroom

In terms of lessons that we would like to work on in the future. Several responses have been receive that describe our desire for cooperative learning. As well as “online classes” via GIGA stations. A keyword analysis is frequently found in free-form answers. For example, “learning outside of school borders.” Exhibitions and conversations, for example, exhibitions, collaborations, and discussions. So collaborative opinion organization” and so on are exciting.

“Presentation, document production, use as collaborative work,” shared online classes with schools in remote locations,’ and “ICT schematics,’ discussion activities “Going Smoothly’ and “With the Experts’ Connect live online and ask the children questions in real-time.

According to JMC, who conducted the survey, many teachers are concerned about the temptation of online lessons. However, there is the issue of not knowing how to pick up and connect devices. It is necessary to improve the environment for online classes. And they put in place support systems like selecting. As a result, there is an introduction, practical training, and lesson assistance.

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