Basic Magnetic Bracelet FAQs

Magnetic bracelets, like all sorts of bracelets and other fashion accessories, can be used to round out a wardrobe. However, in the case of magnetic bracelets, there are some other questions floating around. Perhaps you are one of those that would like a little more information before pulling the trigger on a shiny new men’s titanium magnetic bracelet.

That’s reasonable, so we rounded up some of the most common questions getting typed into search bars around the web and found some answers. Start here in your quest for magnetic enlightenment.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Magnetic Bracelet?
The main purported benefit of wearing powerful magnetic bracelets has to do with pain relief. Although, it bears noting that wearing the bracelet itself is not supposed to cure or treat pain.

Instead, it is believed that magnetic therapy bracelets can help with pain management because they are designed to improve circulation.

According to some sources, magnetic therapy bracelets can improve blood flow through plethysmography. Some even indicate that magnetic bracelets can boost blood flow by a factor of three.

On Which Arm Should You Wear a Bracelet?
Magnetic therapy bracelets can be worn on either arm, but if you are planning on wearing one for the purposes of joint pain relief or arthritic pain management, wear it on the wrist which is most affected. For instance, if you are struggling with arthritic discomfort in your right arm, then the best advice is to wear the bracelet on your right wrist.

Can You Wear Magnetic Bracelets All the Time?
Yes, you can wear magnetic bracelets all of the time, and if you are planning on wearing one for pain management, you should do so.

How Long do Magnetic Bracelets Last?
The magnetic field in a permanent magnet actually does decay over time. However, high-quality, powerful rare earth magnets have extremely long lifespans. For a high-quality magnetic therapy bracelet, the magnetic field should not experience any measurable decay for over a decade. In most cases, the magnets will remain powerful for a lifetime, perhaps even longer.

Can You Use Magnetic Bracelets as a Statement Piece?
One of the great things about magnetic therapy bracelets is that you can use them for much more than just magnetic therapy. If you buy your magnetic therapy jewelry from Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics ( you can use them as fashion accessories, too.

They produce a wide range of stainless steel and women’s and men’s titanium magnetic bracelets that are adorned with precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and more.

Where Can You Find High-Quality Magnetic Therapy Bracelets?
Whether you’re looking for something with the flash of precious gems, titanium, stainless steel, gold or silver, or simply some other unique bracelets for men and women, made with powerful rare earth magnets, Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics leads the industry.

Visit their website at to learn more about their many unique entries and get in touch with their customer service at 1-800-350-0898 if you have any questions.

For more information about Sterling Silver Therapeutic Magnetic Bracelet and Magnetic Anklets Please visit: Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics.

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