AWS (Amazon Web Services): Advantages, Services, and Applications


In today’s world technology has become a critical aspect to meet the requirements of the world. AWS or Amazon Web Services needs no introduction as it has become the most popular cloud provider in the world. It has completely dominated the marketplace and provides more than 150 services to developers. So if you are looking to advance your career in this field, you must get AWS Online Training in Saudi Arabia as they offer the best training experience.

What are Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing has become the most used technology in the IT world. It delivers various online services in the form of servers, databases, and software to users. With the help of this technology storing data on a machine is not required everything can get stored in a cloud server. In addition, it helps you save, share, and access data from anywhere at any time using any platform.

AWS (Amazon Web Services):

AWS has become the most trusted platform to offer effective and scalable online cloud computing solutions. Moreover, it offers several powerful actions like content delivery, database storage, computation power, and many more features. As a result, companies prefer using AWS to effectively scale and grow.

Applications of AWS:

With the help of Amazon Web Services enterprises can build operative applications. Moreover, AWS has several usages like;

• Storage and Backup –

AWS offers several storage types to select with easy accessibility. In addition, it plays a major role in running business applications, file indexing, and storing and backup files.

• Websites and Gaming-

By using Amazon Web Services, you can host your business websites on AWS clouds. Moreover, online gaming applications require immense computing power to run accurately. Thus, AWS provides users with the best online gaming services when compared to any other platform.

• Mobile and Web Applications-

The most important feature of AWS includes its ability to scale various e-commerce, mobile, and SaaS applications. Moreover, companies can create scalable and sophisticated applications without any operating system.

Advantages of Amazon Web Services:

AWS offers an organization with so many benefits and helps them scale and access data from any location. Let us move forward and have a look at these important benefits;

• Global availability-

AWS has made a huge impact all over the world and it offers services globally. Thus, it has more than 80 availability areas in more than 20 geographic global data centers.

• Extensive security-

AWS has become the most secure, trusted, reliable, and effective cloud platform. As a result, it has broken the concept that data stored on a cloud server is not safe and secure.

• Flexible and Scalable-

Amazon Web Services offer excellent flexibility and scalability features as per your requirements. Moreover, you can plan the infrastructure and make effective use of cloud platform technology.

• Cost-effective-

By implementing the AWS cloud platform, you can save extra expenditure on software and hardware. Moreover, no physical data or machines are required which makes it the most cost-effective platform.

Important Services offered by AWS:

Amazon offers several cloud application services such as;

• Compute Services-

With this, you can easily scale, create, and deploy cloud applications within any platform.

• AWS EC2-

This web service allows developers to scale the compute capacity as per your requirements and rent virtual machines. Moreover, it provides developers with the option to choose resources like CPU, networking capacity, and storage.

• AWS Lambda-

It helps developers with the execution of codes for various applications. In addition, it is a serverless service due to which you can easily execute the programs without the need to manage physical servers.

• Storage-

AWS offers services like data archiving and data recovery. In addition, it offers services like Amazon S3 and EBS to help scale the web computing services.

• Dynamo DB- A flexible No SQL database offering quick and reliable performance to enhance scalability.

• Developer tools- AWS provides several developer tools such as Codestar, Codebuild, and many more to build and test codes.


Finally, as you can see AWS has become the most trusted cloud provider and most companies use this technology. Moreover, it offers a promising and bright career path to scale your career opportunities.  So if you are a professional or a beginner getting the AWS Online Certification in Dubai will help you enter this field and become a professional. Furthermore, this will also open new doors of opportunities in your professional life and help you become more credible.

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