Are you Faux Real or Fur Real? Finding and Styling Real Fox Fur Coats

Fur coats have always been a staple in fashion, however, not a lot of people have one in their closet. Ever wondered why? It can be intimidating to rock a fur coat on a normal day- but that shouldn’t stop you. Fur coats are a solid choice for function and fashion, the best part about that is they’re not mutually exclusive. We love a multi-purpose option!

There are different things to consider when bringing a fur coat into your wardrobe. Are they worth it? What kind of fur coat should you get? Where to find real fur coats?

Hopefully, this piece points you in the right direction as we share our thoughts on different types of fur coats and how to style them for any occasion!

Faux Real or Fur Real

Before getting a fur coat, determine whether you want a faux fur coat or a real fur coat. There are at least 9 types of different furs out there. The most popular of the bunch are mink, chinchilla, and fox fur coats. While the obvious difference is the price tag, there are also apparent quality disparities Are they worth glossing over or should you be more meticulous? The answer depends on your priorities.

While faux fur coats are the cheaper option, they feel harder to the touch compared to the real thing. Visually, faux fur achieves the look but has a synthetic shine, as opposed to authentic fur coats. They’re perfect if you’re only planning to use the coat a few times. This isn’t to say that they don’t make a good coat but, say, for example, a real fox fur coat will last significantly longer than imitation fur.

If you want your fur coat to last a lifetime, keep you warm, and look fabulous then it’s best to go for the real deal. Not only is it more economical in the long run, but it’s also an exceptional statement piece, fur real.

But How Do I Style My Fur Coat?

Any way you want! Fur coats don’t need a special occasion to don. They’re a fun piece to incorporate into your outfit either as a highlight or contrast. If you’re not sure how you can seamlessly add it to your style, we’ve got a few ideas for you. 

Feel the fantasy

 Layer them over a gown and you get an elevated chic look with the addition of your fur coat. Use it as an accent piece for themed outfits or depict royalty to top off a costume.

 Flaunt and forage

Who says outdoor activities can’t be fashionable? A fur-lined coat is not only a functional option for your adventures. It can also sufficiently keep your body temperature warm without having to layer too much.

Function with Fashion

Wanna know a secret? There are no fashion rules. You can wear your fur coat over a casual fit, like denim jeans or shorts. This can definitely be a brunch look or even a stylish workday garb.  Find your very own real fox fur coat from a trusted shop online and elevate your style.

Adding a hint of fur to any outfit can immediately add a touch of elegance without going overboard. Unless the goal is over the top. In which case, a real fur coat will do the job. In conclusion, they’re versatile pieces that can be styled in so many ways!

Basically, a fur coat doesn’t belong in a certain style genre. As long as it serves its purpose- be it style or function- then you’re doing it right.

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