All You Need to Know About Conventional Mortgage Loan

A conventional mortgage loan refers to one that’s not backed by the federal government. In other words, it’s your typical home loan and not an FHA or VA mortgage loan. But what are the benefits of this? Here are some of the top benefits of going with a conventional mortgage loan.

What is a conventional mortgage loan?

A conventional mortgage loan is one that is offered by commercial banks, credit unions and other lending institutions. Conventional loans are generally defined as loans in which at least 20 percent of the purchase price must be funded by your own cash or other non-borrowed funds. While these loans typically require high down payments (20 percent or more), they also come with competitive interest rates and favorable terms. However, you’ll likely need to meet strict eligibility requirements to qualify for a conventional loan. In addition, it’s important to note that some of these lenders may only be willing to work with approved real estate agents or brokers. Your lender will walk you through everything you need to know before starting your search for financing.

How do you qualify for conventional financing?

Before you apply for a conventional home loan Oakland Charter Township MI, you should have money for your down payment. Depending on your credit score and income, you might qualify for as little as 3.5 percent down or even less. The loan limits are higher than those offered by FHA loans. Making it possible to buy more expensive homes with lower monthly payments or take out larger loans than those made available through FHA financing. In addition to your mortgage payment, however, make sure you add in other expenses associated with owning a home before you decide on what to purchase. Some costs are considered hidden, including property taxes and insurance that aren’t necessarily covered by closing costs at closing.

Understanding your monthly payments

The more you understand about how your monthly payments work, the better. Conventional home loan Oakland Charter Township MItypically require your monthly payments to cover both interest and principal over time. On a conventional loan, you will make higher monthly payments initially in order to get through what’s called the interest-only period. After that initial period ends, your payment will include both interest and principal. Don’t worry, you will pay off those high rates sooner than expected.

What are the closing costs involved in buying with conventional financing?

The closing costs you have to pay when you buy a home with conventional financing will vary depending on your state. They can be as much as 6% of your loan amount. For example, if you borrow $300,000 for your purchase, that could mean about $18,000 in closing costs. You might also want to think about how long it takes to get approved. How long it takes from submitting an offer until you’re officially signed on and sitting pretty as an owner. Applying for conventional financing usually takes longer than getting approval for government-backed loans. It could take up to two weeks from start to finish. Sellers expect longer-than-average timelines with conventional home loans because most buyers use them.

Defining equity and debt

Equity and debt are two important concepts to understand when taking out a mortgage loan. Equity is defined as ownership in your home. When you first buy a home, equity is usually small—it’s represented by how much of your home you own. As time goes on, however, your equity increases as you make payments toward your loan balance (through interest and principal). So, if you want to tap into some of that equity, you can use it as collateral for other investments (such as refinancing your mortgage). Equity isn’t typically accessible right away. You must pay off part or all of what’s owed before it can be used for other things. That’s why having some form of debt is essential for homeowners.

Getting pre-approved can save you money

Knowing how much you can borrow before shopping for your home is key to getting the best deal possible. Be aware that banks offer pre-approval at different times. Some make it available as soon as you complete an application, but others make it available only after your loan application has been sent to a loan officer for review. If you’re looking to buy soon, try contacting several lenders or mortgage brokers. Compare when they’ll let you know your final pre-approval amount. It might be worth paying an extra fee to know exactly how much house you can afford before starting house hunting.

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