Add a Stylish Touch to Your Labels With Foil Stickers

If you’re looking to add a stylish touch to your labels, foil stickers may be the perfect solution for you. These stickers are printed using a monochrome laser printer for maximum quality. With a little help from a design program, you can add foil stickers to your labels in minutes! Here are some tips on how to make your design look perfect:

Metallic Foil Sticker Printing Quick Turnaround

If you are interested in making your brand and logo pop with a custom sticker, you have come to the right place. This type of sticker printing uses the Akuafoil process, which layers the CMYK colors on a silver ink. This results in vibrant, rich metallic effects. The effect is so stunning that it can draw attention to any sticker design and adds an element of interest to a call-to-action. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, custom stickers can be cut to any size or shape, and can be printed in any material, including metal.

Metallic label printing provides an extra-high level of luxury and sophistication to your products and promotional materials. Metallic labels are made of silver or gold metalized paper that produces a shiny, metallic finish. They are available for inkjet and laser printers and are ideal for printing text and logos. 

These labels are also suitable for embossing. Quick turnaround is another advantage of metallic label printing. It provides a high level of protection and comes with a quality guarantee and full reprint or refund policy if you’re not satisfied with the result.

If you want to make your products stand out from the crowd, consider the advantages of using gold foil labels. The foil stamping process uses intense heat and shiny aluminum foil to create a metallic finish. A gold foil sticker will surely stand out in a crowd and be an attention-getter for your customers. With a quick turnaround, you can get the product that you want to sell in a matter of hours.


Foil Stickers Rectangle Custom Die-Cuts

If you need a large quantity of stickers, you may want to consider custom die-cuts. These stickers have unique shapes, and are made using metal dies that are custom-designed to cut artwork to fit the shape of your design. The dies used are made to create the most unique shape possible, and may even feature pointy corners or crazy curves. Custom die-cut stickers are ideal for mailings, product labelling, and freebies.

These die-cuts are available for both indoor and outdoor use. The material used to make them is highly durable, and is water and chemical-resistant.  Because they’re custom-cut to fit your design, you can rest assured that your stickers will last for years. They also make excellent promotional gifts and swag. And if you’re pressed for time, a die-cut sticker can be printed in just a few days.

Another advantage of custom die-cut stickers is that they’re affordable. Compared to other custom sticker printing methods, die-cut stickers are easier to apply, peel, and remove. For more personalized stickers, consider a die-cut sticker that features a custom-designed logo or slogan. Custom die-cut stickers are also great for warning labels on machinery.

Discount Foil Stickers Labels

If you’re in need of custom labels or promotional products, consider using Discount Labels on foil stickers. The company’s experienced team of label experts has a combined tenure of 23 years and works with more than 500 employees, including engineers, production managers, R&D specialists, pricing specialists, and press operators. The company’s technology platform enables it to create unique label products that meet specific requirements. Using Discount Labels on foil stickers allows you to save money on both quality and quantity.


For business seeking a custom discount label or tag, Discount Labels offers them in sheets and rolls, including a variety of sizes and shapes. The company uses high-quality adhesives to create durable, reliable, and consistent label products. The company offers discount tags made of premium indoor white paper, waterproof vinyl, and textured Estate adhesive, among others. Depending on the label’s purpose, you can choose to have them laminated on a roll for extra durability and long-term durability.

Discount Labels has a wide variety of products to meet the needs of every industry. They offer more than 70 standard paper stocks and thousands of standard die shapes. They manufacture custom packaging tape, political campaign bumper stickers, and consecutive number labels, and are an authorized supplier of Underwriters Laboratory labels. These custom labels are also available in adhesive films and other specialty products

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