A Shell Catcher for an AR – How Important Is It?

Autoloaders have ejectors specifically so they can get spent shells the heck out of and away from a rifle’s action.

So why would you want to tack a device onto a rifle that specifically counteracts the action of the gun?

Well, there are a number of reasons a shell catcher for an AR is a valuable, practical attachment, especially in the current environment.

These are some of the best of them.

Benefits of Shell Catchers for AR Rifles

● Recover lost shells in the brush, combat littering
If you’re a hunter that shoots an AR-15 in the field, then recovering your lost shells is a special art.

It’s more likely the case that when you pull the trigger you’re sending off brass into the abyss. There’s little chance of getting it back in high brush or grass.

Also, are you really practicing a “carry-in, carry-out,” or “leave no trace” philosophy if you don’t remove your spent shells?

● Keep track of your spent brass for reloading
We are in the midst of a troubling ammo crisis at the moment, one that is raising prices, leaving shelves bare, and jacking up the prices of cartridges that actually are in stock.

Using a brass catcher is a great way to keep track of your spent shells and to keep them close at hand. That way, you can dump them right from the catcher into your collection to bring home for tumbling, cleaning, and reloading.

● Keep spent casings cleaner
If you do practice reloading, it saves you time the cleaner you keep your shells. Dropping them on the ground around the range will give dust and sand the opportunity to coat the inside and outside of your shells.

That complicates reloading and adds extra steps. The cleaner the brass you load, the better the results will be.

● Save your back, comply with range rules
If your range requires you to pack out whatever you brought it, that means not leaving any brass scattered around the shooting bench.

Don’t be one of those slob shooters that leaves brass on the ground. Also, don’t be one of those shooters that spends last light at the range bent over, scooping up old spent casings. Use a brass trap instead.

Also, some ranges require you to use brass catchers if you shoot an autoloader. A shell catcher for an AR will keep you compliant.

● Shell catchers for ARs are a nice courtesy to your neighbors at the range
Even if you have no other better reason, using a shell catcher for your AR is a lovely courtesy for your range neighbors

Spent brass raining down around a shooting bench are a distraction and honestly, they can get pretty hot. Tack a brass catcher onto your rifle and save your friends and neighbors next to you at the bench from dipping and dodging around the shooting area to avoid your hot hail of brass.

Why the Brass Goat Is Better
The Brass Goat is a special type of shell catcher for AR 15 rifles that is designed to solve many of the problems associated with heat-resistant mesh bag brass catchers with wire frames and zippered bottoms that mount to Picatinny rails.

The Brass Goat brass catcher attaches to mil-spec AR-15 magwells and quickly attaches and detaches without tools. It is compatible with a detachable hopper that can hold up to 30 empty .223 casings.

It keeps your sight picture clear and is made from molded ABS resin that will not melt, catch fire, or jam.

To learn more about these high-quality brass catchers, visit BrassGoat.com or contact their customer service team at 1-833-MAGWELL.

For more information about Best Ar Brass Catcher Please visit: Magwell Mounts, LLC.

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