8 Tips  Reduce the Risks of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, a common disease especially in women, is a problem in which cells that are present in the breast grow out of control. Women, usually, experience different types of this cancer, and these types depend on which cells would turn into cancer.

Breast cancer can appear in any portion of the breast. In addition, most breast cancer, according to an oncologist in Karachi, begins in the lobules or ducts. When there are effects of breast cancer on the other parts of the body, it is known as metastasized.

There are two most common types of breast cancer: Invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma. In invasive ductal carcinoma, cancer cells, most of the time, grow in ducts and then expand their growth outside the duct. Additionally, in invasive lobular carcinoma, cancer cells start their growth from the lobules and then spread themselves to the other tissues of the body.

However, there are several precautionary steps that you can take and that are effective enough to reduce the risks of breast cancer over a period of time.

Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risks

Here are some useful tips to prevent breast risks in an effective way:

1.Avoid Obesity or Stop Gaining Unhealthy Weight

Obesity or being weight, especially after menopause, increases the risks of breast cancer, and menopause is a time when women most of the time experience breast cancer. Therefore, it is essential to stop gaining weight or unhealthy fat, especially around the belly. In addition, a woman needs to maintain, at any cost to prevent breast cancer, a body-mass index of 25 or less. For checking a body-mass index, you can easily find an online calculator.

2.Keep Physically Active

Avoiding gaining weight would not help a lot if you are not physically active. Increased physical activities, according to some medical research, reduce the chances of breast cancer in any age of women by ten percent. In addition, you don’t need to do intense exercise to prevent breast cancer; all you need to do is to go for mild to moderate work for thirty minutes every day. Even, you can skip a walk on weekends. But if you skip walking on weekdays, you have to make sure the walk for five consecutive days.

3.Quit Smoking

As you know, smoking not only affects the lungs but also causes many other health conditions, including fifteen types of cancer such as breast cancer. If you smoke every day and smoke many cigarettes, then you need to quit it as soon as possible. It may seem difficult for you to avoid smoking, but medical specialists believe that a person can easily do it. All you need is core determination. Even, if you are facing difficulties while quitting smoking, then you seek the help of your family members, persons who are closed to you, and therapists.

4.Limit Your Intake of Bad Beverages

There are several drinks, especially those that contain chemicals and artificial sweeteners, that can increase the chances of developing breast cancer. Therefore, it is best to limit your intake of these beverages that can affect your lungs, stomach, liver, breast, etc.

5.Eat a Healthy Diet

If you have added fruits and vegetables full of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, then there are fewer chances that you will experience breast cancer throughout your life. Always, you need to follow a healthy diet plan that contains vegs, legumes, fruits, etc. in addition, you need to avoid these foods that contain sugary products, fatty acids, and refined carbohydrates.

6.Breastfeed Your Baby

Women, according to the oncologists, who breastfeed their babies experience reduced risks of breast cancer, but a woman needs to breastfeed her baby for at least one year to reduce these risks. In addition, you can breastfeed your baby as long as possible because it would help you and also be helpful in maintaining your baby’s health.

7.Estrogen-Blocking Medicines

Estrogen-blocking medicines may also play an essential role in preventing several types of breast cancer. Women who have a family history of breast cancer and who are above sixty can talk to their doctors before taking estrogen-blocking medicines to effectively reduce the risks of this harmful disease.

8.Don’t Use Birth Control Pills

Women, most of the time, use birth control pills to get benefits but it also involves some side effects. If a woman is younger and healthier, then there are fewer chances of experiencing these side effects. In addition, women who are above thirty-five and have poor health may be at increased risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore, try your best to limit the intake of birth control pills.


An oncologist can also recommend an endoscopy test as a precautionary measure. In addition, you can easily check the details from the endoscopy test price. These tips are effective to prevent breast cancer.

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