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8 Tips for Styling with a Men’s Fox Fur Coat


So you thought that furs were fit for the ladies only? Think again. Fur is a timeless look that is not gender-exclusive and one of fashion’s hidden arts: ideal for both men and women.

Now, get ready for these tips for styling with a men’s fox fur coat, which will have you slaying through every season. 

1. Go full formal

Furs are made to impress, and as so can serve as a highly refined element of formal wear. Pair your finest furs with your formal attire as a sort of overcoat or as a statement piece, even in warmer months. Remember, you can never be overdressed. 

2. Form-fitting, contrasting bottoms

Some guides will flat-out tell you not to wear jeans with furs. Others specifically tell you to wear skinny jeans with them. We can see both sides of the story.

Our position is that form-fitting bottoms are fine if you’re intentionally trying to create an avant-garde statement with a little contrast. 

Just be sure you go full-bore if you do. Choose pants in a contrasting, flamboyant color and style for the greatest effect.

3. A baseball cap 

The same thing goes for a baseball cap. Wear a bright cap in a contrasting color – even one emblazoned with a logo – to create a sense of sharp juxtaposition alongside your fur coat. 

Like jeans, it has the potential to look out of place; but not if you wear them with confidence.

4. Shades (pro-tip: choose mirror lenses that accent the highlights of your men’s fox fur coat)
One of the best accessories you can pair with a men’s fox fur coat is a set of shades with mirror-finished lenses that call out the highlights in the fur. 

Most fox fur naturally has white, silver, or blue highlights. Get a pair of shades with mirror lenses in one of these colors to create a nice sense of accord. 

5. Fresh kicks or dress shoes: both work
Remember when styling with furs that both dress shoes and informal attire, like sneakers, will work. 

However, sneakers should be worn with other informal pieces, like jeans and a cap. Don’t mix and match formal and informal. 

Wear your finest loafers or monk straps with your slacks and jacket, and for a nice touch, choose a pair of shoes that have hardware that will complement the natural highlights in the fur. 

6. A silver timepiece 
Wrist watches aren’t going out of style and designs for men seem to be becoming gaudier by the year. 

Choose one that appeals to you, preferably with light, silver-tone accents that will look dashing in company with fox fur. 

7. Keep your clothing and accessories neutral 
Since most fox fur has light highlights or is somewhere between black and white, it’s best to keep any accessories you pair with it (as a general rule) neutral in color and character, unless you’re specifically trying to create a sense of contrast. 

If that’s the case, the bets are off with this tip; have at it. 

8. To bling or not to bling 
If you’re going for a formal, refined look, you might choose to forgo the jewelry. That is completely acceptable. 

However, if you are trying to create a more concentrated element of intrigue, bright, flashy jewelry can’t hurt. Our advice is simply to choose jewelry that works best with the fox fur on your coat. 

If it’s black, silver, white, or blue, opt for jewelry that is silver-tone or darker in color, like pewter.

If your fox fur is red or warm in color, you can work with gold, rose gold, or even copper jewelry, if you so choose. 

Where Can You Get a New Men’s Fox Fur Coat?
All that’s left for you to do now (unless you were secretly sitting on a personal pile of furs) is to get yourself a new men’s fox fur coat to put some of these ideas into action. 

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