8 reasons why we should swim more often in everyday life

Great Overcoming, Greater Benefits: Swimming is much more than we think with lifeguard training near me.

  1. Because swimming is a lot more effortless than we tell ourselves
  2. Swimming is too difficult? Not really. It just depends on the right planning. You can pack the swimming bag the night before – and if you take it to work first, there is a much higher probability that you will actually go to the pool after work.
  3. Because the “gear” for swimming is minimal
    Almost everyone who goes to the lake or beach in summer has a bikini, bathing suit or swimming trunks at home. And you don’t need much more than that: one or two towels, your flip flops or slippers, a drinking bottle and your shower stuff. That’s all that needs to find space in your swim bag. not much, right? There is even room for a fitness bar or for another prepared meal, a healthy meal prep.
  4. Because you kill two birds with one stone when you swim: power up and chat
    When you’re not swimming alone, swimming can become more fun than exercise. Especially if your swimming motivation is rather moderate, a swimming partner is an advantage. He or she can really pull you along.
    Who knows: Maybe swimming together will even become your weekly after-work ritual.
  5. Because swimming is one of the healthiest sports
    And just because everyone knows that, that’s one of the best reasons. Because it doesn’t matter how much you weigh – the water carries you.

This feels incredibly liberating and at the same time protects your joints. And if you swim (breaststroke) with the right technique , swimming is particularly good for your back – and can help against back pain. But swimming does even more with your body:

To swim…
…strengthens your heart muscle
…gets your circulation going
…improves your blood circulation
…trains your lungs
… strengthens your immune system

  1. Because swimming is a total body workout
    You train your arms with the arm pull and your legs with the kick. For example, when you swim the breaststroke, you train your inner and outer thighs more. You train your back and abdominal muscles, i.e. the middle of your body, the entire time you swim.
    Of course, when you swim you also train your physical condition – as with actually any endurance sport.
  2. Because we can dive into the water and clear our heads
    Feeling weightless in the water isn’t just a physical benefit, it’s also a mental one. When you dive underwater and listen to the sounds or concentrate on your swimming technique, get into a rhythm – and forget everything around you, you realize: your head is free. Perhaps swimming will also help you to organize your thoughts or to finally find a solution to everyday problems: Afterwards your head will be free.
  3. Because different swimming techniques make the sport so varied
    When it comes to swimming, many people think of the classic breaststroke. It is precisely the different swimming techniques that make the sport so varied. In addition to the breaststroke, there are three other swimming techniques, such as the front crawl. The front crawl is one of the fastest swimming techniques, because you create continuous drive through your movement when front crawling.
    The fourth and most demanding swimming technique is the butterfly swim – also called “butterfly”. Incidentally, this swimming technique was initially considered a dynamic modification of breaststroke, and it was not until 1953 that the World Swimming Federation decided to include the technique as the fourth official swimming style.
  4. Because the feeling after swimming is awesome
    Most of the time you don’t even notice what you’re doing while you’re swimming. You often only feel it when you lift yourself out of the water with “slim” legs.
    A great side effect: You burn a lot of calories while swimming – the exact amount depends on your intensity and your body weight.

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