8 Reasons to Use Custom Plastic Name Tags

Plastic name tags are a great alternative to a name badge made of more expensive material. Permanent plastic name badges can be customized using UV printing, or laser engraving, providing you with the same effect and quality as other materials without the heavy price tag.

Plastic name badges may work for you if costs are a concern. Also, if you’re still on the fence on whether to get custom name tags for your organization, below are some of the most important reasons why you should adopt the use of name tags now.

1. Employee Satisfaction
Name badges are a simple way to ensure that your workers’ professional and personal achievements are recognized and celebrated. Your staff will continue to strive for success with the added recognition that comes with your customized name badge, whether it’s recognizing five years of service, proudly showcasing a specific specialty, or displaying a recent promotion.

2. Improved Communication
Studies show that internal communication can be improved significantly if everyone in an organization knows each other’s names. If you have a large company where employees may be required to deal with coworkers they have never met before on a regular basis, a custom name tag is indispensable.

Name tags can break through any communication barrier immediately, and they can help new employees settle in. Remember that better communication always leads to better results.

3. Better Security
It’s easier to keep track of where people are and where they’re supposed to be with name badges. Name badges are a must-have for companies that want to prevent competitive espionage, reduce internal and external theft, or reduce safety risks.

4. Professional Look
Any name badge design can be custom designed to your needs, your brand as well as preferences. Customers and business associates will notice your meticulous attention to detail and your company will benefit from the good first impression that a name badge or nameplate offers.

5. Stronger Brand Recognition
For corporate branding to be effective, you have to get your company logo visible everywhere. Name badges are a simple and inexpensive way to promote your brand. Getting your employees to wear a name tag with your logo while interacting with customers or other people at events, will get your company’s brand the exposure it needs.

6. More Effective Customer Service
Customers occasionally like to ask questions, express their gratitude, or post concerns. Getting your employees’ name tags for identification will help customers approach them easily. Your staff will also appear approachable, friendlier, and more honest. Name tags are also a big help in situations where your customers know the person they want to speak with only by name but not in appearance.

7. Add Prestige to Your Brand
Name badges can add prestige to your company while preserving employee individuality. Name badges bearing their names and the company they’re affiliated with can give a sense of belongingness and pride to employees.

Name badges, like a name on the back of a sports shirt, serve to recognize individual contributions to team goals. No other product in the office can make your employees stand with authority and dignity.

8. Better Accountability
Nothing is more frustrating than hearing a customer complain about poor service or disrespectful treatment and not being able to determine who is to blame. Customers who can see the employee’s name on their badges are far more likely to offer constructive criticism than those who don’t know who they’re dealing with. This can also help you resolve the issue more quickly and efficiently.

These are just a few of the advantages that you can get from custom name badges. If you’re ready to create your own plastic name tags, get in touch with imprint plus, your one-stop shop for personalized name badges.

You can order a custom size, design your logos and text, or choose from plastic or metal materials. Drop by their website today and get started on your order!

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