7 Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture Upstairs Orlando FL

Moving Heavy Furniture Upstairs Orlando FL can be quite the headache. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can even cause serious injury, so it’s important to know how to handle your furniture when it comes time to move it.

Here are 7 tips that will help you get those big, heavy items upstairs and out of the way safely and efficiently.

1) Check stairs before moving furniture

When it comes to moving furniture, stairs can be tricky. The problem is that you never know what you’re going to find, so it’s smart to be prepared for all kinds of obstacles (like a broken step or narrow landing). Take time to check out your stairs before moving heavy furniture Upstairs Orlando FL. Make sure there are no odd shapes or angles on your stairwell—if something goes wrong and a piece of furniture falls down, you don’t want it falling onto someone’s head!

2) Consider an elevator

Uphill moving can be tough. When moving heavy furniture in a multi-story home, consider using an elevator to move your belongings from one floor to another. Once you’ve moved everything out of a room, move your furniture into an elevator and ride it up a floor. Repeat until all of your belongings are in your new home!

3) Let us do the hard part

While it might be tempting to put a couch or coffee table on your back, moving heavy furniture upstairs is best left to those with professional experience. Between getting comfortable with lifting and knowing how to properly move heavy objects, hiring pros can make moving easier for you so you don’t have to worry about dropping a beloved item. Be sure that any professionals you hire are insured and bonded before they set up shop. It’s also important that they have safety equipment such as dollies and hand trucks (for smaller items) or movers straps (for bigger pieces). Start your search by asking friends or family members if they know of anyone who could help; if not, check Craigslist or Angie’s List.

4) Remove unnecessary parts to make the move easier

Remove parts of your furniture that won’t be needed during a move. Things like legs or wheels can weigh a lot, so if you are moving heavy furniture upstairs Miami FL, and keeping it in good condition, removing these parts before packing it up is definitely something you should do. Remember to also remove any drawers that you aren’t going to need on a regular basis as well as any shelves or cabinets with doors; after all, everything needs to fit through an elevator and up flights of stairs!

5) Move furniture you can (and leave the rest)

For example, if you’re moving a sofa up to your third-floor walkup, you can either try to schlep it up there yourself or hire a moving company. It might seem easier to do it yourself; after all, who wants to spend money on something that feels like a chore? But hauling heavy furniture is actually pretty hard work—and backbreaking too. Unless you’re incredibly strong (and have lots of energy), you should probably leave big furniture items behind. When it comes to stuff like beds and tables, just take one piece of advice: Keep whatever will fit through your front door—and leave everything else behind.

6) Know which way to go – up or down?

It’s easier to move heavy furniture and appliances down a flight of stairs than it is to carry them up. But that doesn’t mean it should be done! If you have to go up, here are some helpful tips for doing so: Organize everything beforehand. Be sure to label which room each piece of furniture goes in, so you don’t end up wandering around your apartment looking for where that chest goes. Knowing exactly where everything is supposed to go will save you time when moving day comes along. Keep your boxes organized too – separate heavy items from light ones, as well as fragile pieces like dishes or glassware from anything else.

7) Take Your Time

Moving heavy furniture is no easy task. The best way to guarantee you don’t hurt yourself while moving furniture is to take your time. Rushing when moving heavy furniture can be a dangerous move because it may lead to pulling muscles or even worse. Take your time and focus on one item at a time until all of your items are moved into your new home safely and carefully.

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