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6 Ways to Reduce Stress and Feel Happy 


Our world is full of stress, and avoiding it might even seem arduous. Various sources of stress exist, like jobs, relationships, the economy, etc., which could take its toll on people. Obligations, responsibilities, and pressure from various facets of life can make one stressed and reduce happiness.

Since stress is part of society, one needs to look for ways to cope with it so it doesn’t affect health. When stress remains unchecked, mental and physical health suffers greatly. It also sets the stage for various issues like anger, depression, problems with sleep, obesity, etc.

Reducing stress does not mean changing your life or doing something ordinary. With some simple lifestyle adjustments and changes in habits, you can reduce stress, boost your health and live a happy life.

This article will shed light on various tips that can help you relieve stress and be happy:

Consider Kratom

Nature has blessed humans with a series of natural substances that can help relieve stress. One such substance is kratom. This ancient tree is native to Southeast Asian countries, even though it has already migrated to various parts of the world. It is rich in multiple alkalis and is incredibly helpful at soothing the nerves and calming stress.

Kratom exists in various types and can help alleviate the feeling of stress and anxiety. It can also improve mood and happiness, making users feel good about themselves. Different kratom strain exists, all with a unique effect on the body.

The red dragon, for instance, is an antidepressant that can lift your mood. Click here to read more on red dragon kratom.

Attempt Visualization

One powerful way to relax is by engaging your imaginative power. Your body will likely respond to a perceived stimulus similar to how it would respond to an actual one.

Get into a comfortable position, and focus on things or events that calm you. It needs to be detailed to be effective. It can be strolling through the woods with your partner or best friend. The fantastic waterfall scene as the cool breeze caresses your skin could be helpful. Ensure also to feel the scene, not visualize it alone.

Such activity can relax you, boost your happiness and increase your confidence. As long as what you visualize is positive and relaxing, the effect is terrific.

Move Your Body

Working out has various benefits, which encompass physical and mental health. With this, you not only get to shed off excess weight but gain other benefits like better mood, improved sleep, and stress relief.

Exercise triggers the release of endorphins, which lift the mood and induce happiness. This is a brain chemical known as the “feel-good” hormone. Besides relieving stress, it can also improve sleep, boost immunity, etc.

Working out is also primal to building emotional strength. To relieve stress and boost happiness, your exercise plan can be as simple as taking a walk, going for a jog, dancing, cycling, or hiking.

Spend time in Nature

While civilization came with many exciting things and development for humans, it robbed us of access to nature and all it has to offer. As a result, many hardly come in contact with nature at its best, negatively affecting their mental health.

This is not about going back to the Stone Age but visiting nature occasionally. For instance, walking in the woods, listening to the birds sing, watching the river flowing, playing barefoot in the sand, or even accessing green scenery can improve mental health and reduce stress. Such action can clear your head, give you perspective and boost your mood.

Consider Aromatherapy

The nerves in the nose, which helps with smell sensation, are called the olfactory nerves. In addition to smell, such nerves also help regulate the parasympathetic nervous system. In other words, communicating with the brain influences the amygdala and limbic system, which governs emotions and mood.

Essential oils like lavender, holy Basile, Ylang Ylang, etc., find application in aromatherapy. This explains why the inhalation of some scents triggers a calming sensation. This is common with essential oil as they have this calming feeling.

Based on research, for instance, lavender has a series of mood-boosting properties, increasing happiness and regulating mood.

Consider Massage Therapy

Another self-care technique that can relieve stress and calm the body is massage. Massage improves flexibility and ensures various body parts get oxygen and the required nutrient. It relaxes the muscle group and helps let go of tension in different body parts. As a result, massage is primal to stress relief and boosts the quality of life.

Massage, especially with essential oil, can reduce stress: deep tissue massage and myofascial massage help target deep tissue.

You can visit a massage parlor, try it yourself at home or ask for help from a partner or friend. Various videos exist online that can guide you or your partner. For people who want the massage themselves, consider investing in a massage ball.

A deep massage can go a long way to relax the nerves, calm your body and relieve stress, especially after a long stressful day. Consider using warm water to ease the tension. If you like, you can invest in a massage chair since it can foster relaxation without much input from you.


While you might be unable to avoid stress, it is possible to reduce it. The tips discussed in this article are practical and incredibly helpful in reducing stress and boosting happiness.



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