6 House Features that Instantly Convey Luxury

Calgary is home to many beautiful houses. And while it is more affordable than other Canadian cities, it also has its share of luxury homes that will make anyone’s jaw drop with amazement.

Some of the most impressive – and undoubtedly expensive – houses in this city are Elbow Park and Altadore.

And if you adore all things extravagant, nothing stops you from having your own luxury home in Calgary. You need to find a luxury custom home builderwho will help you design and develop the grand home you’ve always envisioned.

Then, when you’re ready, here are some features you would want to include in your home. Because when your house has these aspects, your house will undoubtedly be synonymous with luxury.

A complete and luxurious kitchen
This refers to a large kitchen with high-quality appliances and accessories. It must be more than just practical; it must also be stylish. Consider a marble countertop, a granite kitchen island, elegant cabinets and shelving, and the best cookware available.
Just standing in the middle of this kitchen will make you happy.

Bathrooms that can compete with spas
If there’s a place in your home that can wash away the day’s stresses, it’s your bathroom. And if it’s as beautiful and luxurious as a spa, with a spacious bathtub, jacuzzi, overhead rain showers, and a stylish vanity, you might want to stay in it forever.

There’s no doubt a luxurious bathroom will give spas a run for their money.

Hotel-like bedrooms
Staying in a five-star hotel can be the very definition of luxury. So, if you have a bedroom just like that of expensive hotels, you’ll surely bring that feeling of extravagance to your home.

It’s incredible how a great set of linens can transform your plain-looking bed into a comfortable, soft, and inviting sanctuary that might provide you with more than eight hours of sleep. Add some stunning floor-to-ceiling bedrooms, and you’ve got yourself a hotel-style bedroom. Of course, having a balcony won’t hurt either.

A spacious walk-in closet
If you have a hotel-like room, having a walk-in closet should follow. After all, you need space for all the luxurious things you have – something a walk-in closet can provide.

And for your closet to exude luxury, you need lots of space, plenty of shelves, and nothing less than stylish hangers, drawers, and mirrors complete with intricate little details.

Home theatre room
Having your own media room is the way to do it if you want luxury. Imagine sitting at home but feeling like you’re in a luxurious cinema. Top this room off with a popcorn maker and soda dispenser, and you’re good to go.

Game room
If a home theatre is not enough, add a little more luxury into your home with a game room. Fill it up with lots of board games, video games, a pingpong table, a mini-golf course, and a billiard game, and you’ll have everything you need to pass the time.

Each person has their definition of luxury. However, the above features scream extravagance.

And if your luxury custom home builder nails some of the mentioned designs, your Calgary home will make it into the city’s list of most luxurious houses.

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